100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 26, 1908

When she was sick ? very sick ? her husband told her she ought to get her life insured so he could have the money when she died, says the complaint of Anna B. Richardson, who for this and other alleged instances of cruel and inhuman treatment wants a divorce from John G. Richardson. According to the complaint Richardson?s methods of cruelty were nothing if not refined. The wife complains that for the last five years her husband has refused to converse with her except to sarcastically find fault. On one occasion, the complaint sets forth, the husband became angry when his wife was assisting him to corral some horses, and seizing the tongue of their buggy attempted to run her down with the vehicle. Yet again, the complaint charges, when the wife was frightened at a time when the neckyoke of their hack fell to the ground and the horses were restless, the husband told his helpmeet that it made no difference if she was killed, anyway.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 26, 1958

Pendleton gave the PHS Buckaroo football team the full VIP treatment last night when the squad rolled into town at 8:30 by bus from Medford, where the Black Tornado edged them 27-26 in the Class A-1 state semifinals. Main Street Cowboys were out in force to greet the team when it arrived west of town near the airport intersection, and with a city police car providing an escort, the bus was paraded in the accompaniment of Main Street Cowboy gunfire through the business section and then back to the Vert Memorial auditorium. There several hundred students and townspeople awaited them with more cheers than have been heard here in many a week. Led by Don Requa and assistant Coach Bob White, the team members were seated on the stage ? travel weary but pleased at the welcome. Cheer leaders took over and after a jubilant student body greeting, Dave Nelson called on Mayor Norman Gorfkle, who told the Bucks they looked greater to Pendleton in defeat than Medford did in victory, and bespoke the Round-Up City?s appreciation of their magnificent season.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Nov. 26, 1983

For two Umatilla county families Thanksgiving 1983 was one they?ll never forget. The Jerry Haines of Hermiston and the Ken Stanhopes of Pendleton celebrated the release from the hospital of their granddaughter Courtney Stanhope. Four-year-old Courtney, a victim of Birketts lymphoma, a rare form of leukemia, has been undergoing treatment in a Seattle hospital for the past 100 days. ?I feel just like my same old new self,? young Courtney Stanhope said Wednesday as the doctors pulled the tubes that had fed her intravenously and served as a pathway for the many medicines that went into her body. Courtney and her family spent Thanksgiving at her home in Moses Lake, Wash. Wednesday was the 100th day since Courtney had received a life-giving bone marrow transplant in Seattle. She?ll return periodically to Seattle for chemotherapy.


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