100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 26, 1908

George Carey, proprietor of the St. George restaurant, had a narrow

escape from serious injury last night when he fell through the skylight

above the court between the dining room and kitchen. After putting out

a small fire in the kitchen of the restaurant, Cary climbed above the

restaurant to investigate smoke that continued to pour through the

ceiling, and fell through the skylight 16 feet to the concrete below.

Fortunately no bones were broken and the most serious injuries were to

his hand and back, the latter being badly wrenched.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 26, 1958

Some 200 students, former students, teachers and longtime friends met

at Sherwood Heights School last night to honor Florence Sweet, a

teacher in Pendleton schools for nearly 40 years. Particular attention

was paid to the election this year of Miss Sweet to the presidency of

the National Association of Journalism Directors. Highlights of the

evening were the presentation of a book of letters written by former

students and associates of Miss Sweet and an address by Malcolm Bauer,

associate editor of the editorial page of The Oregonian and editor of

the Pendleton High School newspaper, The Lantern, 1930-31, Miss Sweet's

first year as instructor of journalism at the high school.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

March 26, 1983

Opening arguments are expected in Circuit Court Monday in three

$100,000 lawsuits filed against the Mac-Hi school district. The suits,

which have been consolidated, were filed by teachers Clifford Trout,

Jon Edwards, and Larry Vann. They charge the district with invasion of

privacy, outrageous conduct, and breach of contract. The suit refers to

a June 4, 1981, accident in which a car driven by Edwards, with Trout

and Vann as passengers, crashed into a North Main Street retaining wall

following a retirement party. Edwards was acquitted in December 1981 of

driving under the influence; however, a letter of reprimand was placed

in his personnel file. The teachers argued their conduct was not

subject to reprimand by the school district, as they were acting in

their capacity as private citizens the night of the accident.


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