UMATILLA COUNTY SPECIAL LIBRARY DISTRICT BUDGET MEETING, 5:30 p.m., via Zoom or phone, online, Pendleton. Join the Zoom meeting at, or 1-971-247-1195, 82902403233#, *573286# for audio only. A copy of the agenda for the meeting can be found at (Dea Nowell 541-966-0917)


BLUE MOUNTAIN BOARD OF EDUCATION SPECIAL MEETING, 4:30 p.m., online, via Zoom, Pendleton. Join the meeting at pwd=RWc5UmM3U1FBQ2RoR3FqWWN0d3JQUT09, meeting ID 973 3022 0871, passcode BMCCBoard, or by phone at 253-215-8782. (Shannon Franklin 541-278-5951)


HEPPNER PLANNING COMMISSION, 7 p.m., Heppner City Hall, 111 N. Main St., Heppner. (541-676-9618)

MILTON-FREEWATER PLANNING COMMISSION, 7 p.m., online, via Zoom meeting, Milton-Freewater. 6:30 p.m. study session, 7 p.m. regular meeting. Join the meeting by calling 253-215-8782, meeting ID 824 9308 4052, password 048972. (Lisa Wasson 541-938-8235)

STOKES LANDING SENIOR CENTER BOARD, 6 p.m., Stokes Landing Senior Center, 150 Columbia Lane, Irrigon. (Karen 541-922-3137)


BOARDMAN CITY COUNCIL, 7 p.m., online, via Zoom, Boardman. A link to the Zoom meeting is posted at the city’s website, (Heather Baumgartner 541-481-9252)

IRRIGON PLANNING COMMISSION, 6 p.m., Irrigon City Hall, 500 N.E. Main St., Irrigon. (541-922-3047)

PENDLETON CITY COUNCIL, 7 p.m., Pendleton City Hall council chambers, 501 S.W. Emigrant Ave., Pendleton. (541-966-0201)

PENDLETON SCHOOL DISTRICT WORK SESSION, 3 p.m., Pendleton School District office, 107 N.W. 10th St., Pendleton. (541-276-6711)

PILOT ROCK CITY COUNCIL, 7 p.m., Pilot Rock City Hall council chambers, 143 W. Main St., Pilot Rock. (541-443-2811)

UMATILLA CITY COUNCIL, 7 p.m., Umatilla City Hall council chambers, 700 Sixth St., Umatilla. (Nanci 541-922-3226 ext. 105)

UMATILLA MORROW RADIO & DATA DISTRICT, 1:30 p.m., Boardman City Hall, 200 City Center Circle, Boardman. (Shawn Halsey 541-966-3774)

WESTON LIBRARY BOARD, 5 p.m., Weston Public Library, 108 E. Main St., Weston. (541-566-2378)

WESTON PLANNING COMMISSION, 7:30 p.m., Memorial Hall, 210 E. Main St., Weston. (Sheila 541-566-3313)


BLUE MOUNTAIN BOARD OF EDUCATION, 6 p.m., online, via Zoom conference or phone, Pendleton. 4:30 p.m. budget workshop via Zoom:, meeting ID 700 103 313, passcode BLMT; 6 p.m. regular board meeting. Join the Zoom meeting:, meeting ID 973 3022 0871, passcode: BMCCBoard, or by phone at 253-215-8782. (Shannon Franklin 541-278-5951)

CONDON CITY COUNCIL, 7 p.m., Condon City Hall, 128 S. Main St., Condon. (541-384-2711)

HERMISTON AIRPORT ADVISORY COMMITTEE, 4 p.m., Hermiston Airport lounge, 1600 Airport Way, Hermiston. (541-567-5521)

MEACHAM VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT, 6 p.m., Meacham Fire Department, Meacham. (541-786-2069)

MORROW COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS, 9 a.m., Bartholomew Government Building upper conference room, 110 N. Court St., Heppner. Board meeting at 8 a.m. followed by budget meeting at 9 a.m. (Roberta Lutcher 541-676-5613)

UMATILLA RURAL FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT, 7 p.m., Umatilla Fire Department, 305 Willamette St., Umatilla. (541-922-2770)

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