The Regional News Roundup contains the most important information of the past week's top news stories.


A set of parents and a former Round-Up president have taken exception with the method of selecting the 2006 Round-Up court, claiming Round-Up etiquette was violated when Court Director Duane DeGrofft's selections didn't remain on the court after his position was given to Bill Quesenberry by President Marv Anderson. DeGrofft confirmed the court he selected wasn't the court that was named.

Complaints were voiced at the recent stockholders meeting. At that time, stockholders approved a committee to review court selection procedures.


Teams of police drug detection dogs and their handlers went through testing to be certified or recertified at the former Economy Inn motel on Southwest Court Avenue Monday.

The dogs and their handlers were required to search three cars, two containing drugs, as well as a motel room, a package, and the Pendleton River Parkway.


The City council approved a resolution Monday night to improve the flow of traffic entering Bank of America's drive-through window on East Main Street. Plans include removing parking spaces on the North side of East Main street, installing a median strip, and placing new signs. Work will begin sometime this spring.


RESIDENT Lloyd Piercy is one of six American volunteers headed to the ski runs of Torino, Italy, for the 2006 winter Olympics. Piercy will spend the upcoming weeks on his skis, helping to build and maintain the ski course to Olympic standards.

"In Europe, everyone I work with is going to be really upper-end, World Cup-level racers. And I don't fit that mold." Piercy said.

A grass seed farmer and vineyard owner in Hermiston for 15 years, Piercy started skiing as an adult.


A new city hall/library complex, a new water system, and a skate park, Irrigon is a city under construction.

Construction on the new City Hall and Library building, located between Sixth Street and Third Street, and Highway 730 and North Main Street, will being this spring. Construction on the Skate Park at the west end of City Park is to begin this summer. The new water system is still in the planning stages.


Citizens had a chance to review possible plans for the improvement of Southeast Dayton Street recently. The street has congestion, speeding, and parking issues. Four different plans were presented with options ranging from making the street partly one way, to parking on one side and a sidewalk on the other.


The Wallowa Union Rural Authority board of directors approved a tentative 2006 schedule for the Eagle Cap Excursion Train, which for the first time includes Elgin. Those trips are contingent on a pending agreement with Union Pacific Railroad, who owns the last few miles of track going into Elgin. U.P. currently permits Wallowa Union Railroad to use its track for freight, but not for passenger service.


Union County Commissioner John Lamoreau has submitted a proposal to the board to eliminate use of private vehicles by county employees traveling on county business, and limiting the mileage reimbursement to 50 percent of the IRS reimbursement rate when a private vehicle is used when a county vehicle was available. In addition, the proposal said it would save the county money for employees to rent vehicles from Goss Motors, which would include gas.

County Clerk Nellie Bogue Hibbert and Public Works Director Rich Comstock informed the employees that Goss Motors' rentals do not include gas. Other county employees also voiced concerns with Lamoreau's proposal ranging from safety to cost.


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