Stephen Mark Forest

Age: 61 Sex: M

Charge: Failure to Appear (FTA): Giving false information to police

Bail: $25,000

Last known location: Heppner, OR

Sandra Joyce Green

Age: 49 Sex: F

Charge: FTA: Menacing, criminal mischief, harassment

Bail: $5,000

Last known location: Stanfield, OR

Dillan Drake Massey

Age: 28 Sex: M

Charge: Probation Violation (PV): Theft, forgery, identity theft, fraudulent use of credit card

No bail

Last known location: Hermiston, OR

Loreto Rosas Ramos

Age: 43 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: Failure to perform duties of driver, criminal mischief

Bail: $20,000

Last known location: Hermiston, OR

Joe Matthew Rivera

Age: 22 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: Theft

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Hermiston, OR

Ryan Mitchell Sunman

Age: 30 Sex: M

Charge: PV: Possession of heroin, theft

No bail

Last known location: Pendleton, OR

Alice Marline Terkelson

Age: 32 Sex: F

Charge: FTA: Criminal trespass

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: La Grande, OR

Lavella Ruth Thompson

Age: 25 Sex: F

Charge: FTA: Possession of methamphetamine

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Pendleton, OR

Sarah Watchman

Age: 30 Sex: F

Charge: PV: Failure to appear

No bail

Last known location: Pendleton, OR

Gary Dow Williams

Age: 63 Sex: M

Charge: PV: DUII, reckless driving, refusal to take intoxicant test

Bail: $25,000

Last known location: Irrigon, OR

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