Jose Alonso Armenta

Age: 24 Sex: M

Charge: Failure to Appear (FTA): Theft

Bail: $50,000

Last known location: Milton-Freewater, OR

Michael Gregorio Bermejo

Age: 23 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: Possession of controlled substance

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Stanfield, OR

Shaun Wesley Bower

Age: 33 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: Theft

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Puyallup, WA

Robert Tracy Brissett

Age: 29 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: Criminal trespass, theft, possession of methamphetamine

Bail: $100,000

Last known location: Hermiston, OR

Tina Louise Cole

Age: 38 Sex: F

Charge: Contempt of court

Bail: $5,000

Last known location: Kennewick, WA

James Eric Dillon

Age: 58 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: DUII

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Tacoma, WA

Cody James Gay

Age: 22 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: Driving while suspended/revoked

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Pendleton, OR

Randy James Krieg

Age: 64 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: Criminal trespass

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Athol, ID

Andres Chales Lorenzo

Age: 25 Sex: M

Charge: Probation Violation (PV): DUII

No bail

Last known location: Hermiston, OR

Sandra Jenny Walsey

Age: 54 Sex: F

Charge: FTA: Supplying contraband

Bail: $50,000

Last known location: Toppenish, WA

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