Jesse Jasper Samuel Andy

Age: 45 Sex: M

Charge: Probation Violation (PV): Assault, harassment, strangulation

Bail: No bail

Last known location: Pendleton, OR

Toni Lee Cox

Age: 63 Sex: F

Charge: Failure to Appear (FTA): DUII

Bail: No bail

Last known location: Richland, WA

Cody Lee Farrens

Age: 27 Sex: M

Charge: PV: Burglary, theft, felon in possession of firearm, harassment

Bail: No bail

Last known location: Milton-Freewater, OR

Michelle Dee Katruska

Age:  30 Sex: F

Charge: FTA: False swearing, giving false information on transfer of firearm

Bail: $30,000

Last known location: Umatilla, OR

Kimberly Hazel Mansfield

Age: 49 Sex: F

Charge: FTA: Failure to appear

Bail: $20,000

Last known location: Hermiston, OR

Chantel Rose Peters

Age: 33 Sex: F

Charge: FTA: Assault IV, disorderly conduct

Bail: $12,500

Last known location: Wapato, WA

Gilberto Vera Rosendez

Age:  41 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: DUII, reckless driving

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Irrigon, OR

Victorino Medina Sanchez

Age: 36 Sex: M

Charge: FTA: Possession of forged instrument

Bail: $10,000

Last known location: Kettle Falls, WA

Joseph Ray Stewart

Age: 42 Sex: M

Charge: PV: Assault, harassment

Bail: No bail

Last known location: Hermiston, OR

Damien Scott Wilhelm

Age: 40 Sex: M

Charge: PV: DUII, reckless driving, failure to perform duties of driver

Bail: No bail

Last known location: Lexington, OR

Warrants on the above persons were active at the time the list was created; however, wanted status is subject to change at any time. If whereabouts are known, please report immediately to law enforcement by calling the 24-hour dispatch center at 541-966-3651 or by calling 911 if an emergency.

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