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PENDLETON — Flowers, herbs, and vegetables can be purchased and picked up at the Pendleton High School greenhouse on Friday, May 7, from 4-6 p…


One month ago, I wrote about three areas in which the U.S. needed to catch up with the rest of the world’s wealthy nations : health care, education and child care for workers. Of these, the most urgent and obvious area requiring immediate attention is health care. Why? Because we spend twice as much money as a percent of GDP than the other countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and get worse results. In addition, they all cover every citizen while, as of 2019, 28.9 million Americans were uninsured.

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SALEM — Oregon legislators Tuesday introduced House Bill 3296, dubbed the Addiction Crisis Recovery Act, which would increase the state's beer tax by 2,800% and wine tax by 1,700%.

One may be interested to know what a 45-gallon barrel of oil is made into. Only 40% is
 made into petroleum products. Lubricants and fuel. The…