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Dear Abby: I have a close friend who recently had a baby with serious health problems. Unfortunately, we live on opposite sides of the country…


Dear Abby: My husband is currently at a job that, at first, he complained was a “drag.” It later became a place he seemed to be OK working at.

Dear Abby: I am a transgender female who is working on my marriage to my wife of 41 years. I started my transition in 2011.

Dear Abby: I’m a single woman who has always wanted children. As much as I would’ve liked, marriage isn’t in the cards for me yet and maybe no…

Dear Abby: My husband, “Doug,” and I have had a long and happy marriage. We’ve raised two children, both of whom are doing well in life. I hav…

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Pedestrians who are using their phones cross the street at a slower pace than others, a new study has found, a behavior that may increase their risk of being hit by a car.

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Robert Younger holds his arm out to allow judges to see his tattoo during a tattoo competition Saturday during Pendleton Bike Week.