Baty says goodbye


Pendleton volleyball coach Dave Baty has announced his resignation after four seasons and three playoff appearances.

The Bucks went to the quarterfinals of the state tournament this season, a feat not accomplished at Pendleton since the 1987 season.

Baty said his reasons for leaving were purely personal and centered around family mostly.

"It's just the way that the schedule fell it was bringing me out of town quite a bit," he said. "I missed my son (Matt Baty) playing football last year and tried to justify it and really just wasn't able to. He's a hard working kid and I just want to watch my son play whether he's got a highly contributing role on the football team or none."

He said it was especially hard this season having to hear from athletic director Dave Williams that his son had scored a touchdown for the Bucks as he was leaving the gym following an away volleyball game.

Baty added that the Intermountain Conference has changed their scheduling, requiring Pendleton to make three trips to central Oregon rather than two, something that already not only took him away from his family but ate up his vacation days since he works as a Pendleton fire fighter and not at the school like most coaches.

"I burn all of my annual vacation during he volleyball season," he said. "I'm balancing time that otherwise could be spent doing family things. Even if my fire department schedule falls funky this next season and I'm only able to watch my son play twice or three times, that's probably two or three more times than I would have been had I been coaching again."

Williams said Baty will not be easy to replace, though he understands his reasons for leaving, and principal Tom Lovell said there are no plans to begin the hiring process yet.

"It's going to be very hard to find somebody who puts as much time and energy into the program as Dave has the last couple years," Williams said. "He lives eats and breathes volleyball and as an off-campus coach it's a tremendous sacrifice for him to be able to coach for us.

"I was a little bit shocked, but not really surprised when you think about it," he added of his reaction to Baty's resignation. "It's going to be a big loss for us."

Baty, who fielded offers to coach from Mountain View, Kennewick, Bend and Blue Mountain Community College during his tenure, said he hopes the door would be open for a return if he should choose so down the road, after his three sons have all graduated. The youngest is a freshman.

"If there was an opening down the road and Baty was available I don't see why we wouldn't look at him," said Lovell, who was the athletic director when Baty was hired.


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