You can't rain out a rodeo.

Though a steady downpour through Friday, Aug. 7, did make things a little sticky on the first night of performances at the Oregon Trail Pro Rodeo in Heppner over the weekend, it couldn't stop several cowboys and cowgirls from turning in some blistering times and scores.

Some had a bit of an edge, as rodeo crews worked hard Saturday morning to turn up the muddy surface and give that evening's riders a more typical surface to run on.

With each rider getting just one go to make their mark, Saturday's competitors got the luck of the draw.

Cameron Craig, of Butte Mountain, Nev., won all-round cowboy, winning bull riding with a stellar 89 run on B Bar D Rodeos' Taylor Made, and placing second in bareback with a 77. He took home a paycheck for $1,812.60.

Eighty was the magic number in all three of the roughstock events as just one run eclipsed the mark for each.

Joining Craig atop the roughstock leaderboard were bareback rider Clint Wells (82) on Right Stuff, and saddle bronc rider Charlie Barker (82) on Flathead.

Roger Nonella took the tie down title with an 8.8-second run that edged Brett Hale's 9.2.

Buster Barton got another narrow victory in steer wrestling, posting a 3.8 that beat out Austin Manning and Mark Boultinghouse's 4.1.

Team roping saw an even tighter competition as B.J. and Bucky Campbell slid to the top with a 5.1 ahead of Jack Fisher and Jake Minor, who got second with a 5.2.

Samantha Gallagher claimed the breakaway roping title with a run of 3.2 seconds, beating Sammy Jo Willis' 3.4.

The event possibly most impacted by the sticky surface sure didn't seem like it based on the times turned in.

All of the top 10 in barrel racing crossed the time line in less than 18 seconds with Katy Bremner out in front with a 17.04.

Kyna Schrader placed second with a 17.12.


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