HAINES - The hectic holiday season can leave people looking for a change of pace and a look back in time, and T&T Wildlife Tours in Haines thinks it's got the perfect activity to soothe the nerves this season.

A place to learn about elk, conservation, ranching, and draft horses, surrounded by the beauty of the Elkhorn Mountains of Oregon, T&T Wildlife Tours will be starting its 18th season of carrying visitors via horse-drawn wagon down the hill and across the meadow into a herd of 250 Rocky Mountain elk this weekend.

This year the equine stars of the experience will be Waylan and Jed, a team of big, black Percheron geldings.

Co-owners of T&T Wildlife Tours, Susan Triplett and Alice Trindle operate Oregon's only elk-viewing excursion using horsedrawn equipment, allowing guests a truly unique opportunity to be close to live calves, cows, and bull elk.

During the winter of 2008 over 1,500 people visited the elk viewing grounds. They came from literally all over the world, as they visited friends, family, or were part of groups such as the Rotary Exchange.

"It's common for us to have folks from Tri-Cities, sitting next to a group from Boise, who brought their uncle from France, and round out the wagon load with a local from North Powder," Triplett commented. "It is amazing what we have learned in 18 years about people, elk, and horses. It is a wonderful world where you can slow down and enjoy all three."


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