LA GRANDE - The Joseph family is sponsoring a Family Feud on Aug. 21 at the La Grande Polo Field. Three other families are expected, from Modesto, Calif., Tacoma, Wash., and Joseph.

"We know all of them," said Melissa Joseph, "and thought it would be fun."

Melissa and Steven Joseph have been sponsoring polo tournaments at the La Grande field since 1999 after they obtained a long-term lease on the land from the city of La Grande.

The men's and women's polo teams from Eastern Oregon University have been playing and practicing at the field for the past three years, she said.

The Josephs have built two fields, a 150 by 300-foot standard arena and a larger area for field polo. Three person teams play on the smaller field and four person teams on the larger.

Melissa Joseph said they acquired and built the fields so the EOU teams would have a place to play and their own children a place to practice.

In their largest tournament this year, the Papa Murphy's Invitational in mid-July, nine teams were entered. Included were high school and collegiate players from all over the Northwest, including Portland, Tacoma, Spokane and Boise.

The next large tournament coming up after the Family Feud will be held in September. Four or five teams are expected to play.

Lindsey Joseph plays polo for the University of California at Davis team. Her team won the West Coast Division last year and Lindsey was named to the National Polo All-Star team for her play.

Another local player, Casey Smergut from Wallowa, qualified for the Men's West Coast All-Star team in 2003.

Logan Joseph, 17, and two years younger than his sister, has been playing polo since he was 6 years old. He now competes with a high school team in Tacoma.

The EOU Men's team qualified for the West Coast Regional Championship tournament in Santa Barbara last year.

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