PENDLETON - A rainy Wednesday cancelled the fourth grade track meet for Pendleton elementary schools but the skies parted Thursday to give the fifth-graders a great day for running, jumping and throwing. Below are a list of the results from the meet. Times were not available.



Cross Country - 1, Gabe Walker, Sherwood; 2, Austin Zaugg, Washington; 3, Tyler Young, West Hills; 4, Neil Alexander, West Hills; 5, Matt Fowler, Sherwood; 6, Jordan Schmidt, West Hills.

50 meters - 1, Morgan Holcomb, West Hills; 2, Colin Rickman, West Hills; 3, Caden Smith, McKay Creek; 4, Jon Jennings, McKay Creek; 5, Jaden Villa, Sherwood; 6, Cade Anderson, McKay Creek.

200 - 1, Morgan Holcomb, West Hills; 2, Chase Spratling, McKay Creek; 3, Jon Jennings, McKay Creek; 4, Soren Wolf, West Hills; 5, Gabe Walker, Sherwood; 6, Jaden Villa, Sherwood; 7, Lincoln Johnson, West Hills.

100 - 1, Colin Rickman, West Hills; 2, Soren Wolf, West Hills; 3, Morgan Holcomb, West Hills; 4, Caden Smith, McKay Creek; 5, Johnny Stuvland, McKay Creek; 6, Lincoln Johnson, West Hills; 7, Chase Spratling, McKay Creek.

50 hurdles - 1, Soren Wolf, West Hills; 2, Johnny Stuvland, McKay Creek; 3, Matt Fowler, Sherwood; 4, Chris Nickerson, Washington; 5, Neil Alexander, West Hills; 6, Austin Walton, West Hills.

Shot put - 1, Alex Ball, Sherwood; 2, Hunter Brewer, Washington; T3, Cody Raymond, McKay Creek; T3, Chris Nickerson, Washington; 5, Jake Szumski, McKay Creek; 6, Caleb Cary, McKay Creek.

Long jump - 1, Caden Smith, McKay Creek; 2, Morgan Holcomb, West Hills; 3, Jaden Villa, Sherwood; T4, Lincoln Johnson, West Hills; T4, Colin Rickman, West Hills; T5, Johnny Stuvland, McKay Creek; T5, Jon Diehl, McKay Creek.

Discus - 1, Jamal Vann, Sherwood; 2, Hunter Brewer, Washington; 3, Gene Parsons, Sherwood; 4, Jermiah Ross, McKay Creek; 5, Garrett Monroe, West Hills; 6, John Malcolm, McKay Creek.

Softball throw - 1, Caden Smith, McKay Creek; T2, John Malcolm, McKay Creek; T2, Tracker Denny, McKay Creek; T3, Nick Lani, Sherwood; T3, Eli Niord, McKay Creek; T4, Gene Parsons, Sherwood; T4, Calgary Smith, Sherwood.

Turbo javelin - 1, Caden Smith, McKay Creek; 2, Johnny Stuvland, McKay Creek; 3, Colin Rickman, West Hills; 4, Gene Parsons, Sherwood; 5, Johnathan Wolotira, McKay Creek; 6, Anthony Matamoros, Washington.

400 relay - 1, McKay Creek (Walters); 2, West Hills (Gundlach); 3, West Hills (Powell); 4, Washington (Ashbeck); 5, McKay Creek (FA); 6, Sherwood (Irwin).


Cross Country - 1, Oceane Shreier, McKay Creek; 2, Kiara Glover, Sherwood; 3, Marissa McKague, West Hills; 4, Payton Hergert, McKay Creek; 5, Bailey Hillmick, Sherwood; 6, Makayla Akers, West Hills.

50 meters - 1, Savannah Wells, Sherwood; 2, Brooke Larsen, Sherwood; 3, Kristina Hardy, Sherwood; 4, Abby Boozer, West Hills; 5, Haley Bradley, Sherwood; 6, Madison Parker, Sherwood.

200 - 1, Oceane Schreier, McKay Creek; 2, Adrannie Browning, West Hills; 3, Svannah Wells, Sherwood; 4, Haley Greb, McKay Creek; 5, Kylie Carter, Sherwood; 6, Allison Savage, West Hills; 7, Sam Schmitz, Sherwood.

100 - 1, Kristina Hardy, Sherwood; 2, Kiara Glover, Sherwood; 3, Savannah Wells, Sherwood; 4, Kylie Carter, Sherwood; 5, Adrianne Browning, West Hills; 6, Madison Parker, Sherwood; 7, Abby Boozer, West Hills.

50 hurdles - T1, Abby Boozer, West Hills; T1, Savannah Wells, Sherwood; T3, Kiara Glover, Sherwood; T3, Amber Starliper, West Hills; T5, Kristina Hardy, Sherwood; T5, Jayda Heaps, Washington.

Shot put - 1, Payton Hergert, McKay Creek; 2, Amber Starliper, West Hills; 3, Stacy Fitzpatrick, West Hills; T4, Baylie Paul, McKay Creek; T4, MacKayla Akers, West Hills; 6, Sophia Bynum, West Hills.

Long jump - 1, Oceane Schreier, McKay Creek; 2, Adrianne Browning, West Hills; 3, Abby Boozer, West Hills; 4, Makayla Lee, Sherwood; 5, Brandy Brown, Sherwood; 6, Hailey Kendrick, McKay Creek.

Discus - 1, Brandy Brown, Sherwood; 2, Sequoia Conner, Washington; 3, Kylie Carter, Sherwood; 4, Marissa McKague, West Hills; 5, May Seckman, Sherwood; 6, Sam Schmitz, Sherwood.

Softball throw - 1, Payton Hergert, McKay Creek; 2, McKenzie Briggs, Washington; 3, Stacy Fitzpatrick, West Hills; 4, Iva Edmiston, Washington; 5, Lexi Bronson, Washington; 6, Tatum Fell, McKay Creek.

Turbo javelin - 1, Sydney Galloway, McKay Creek; 2, Makayla Akers, West Hills; 3, Becca Schnetsky, West Hills; T4, Kalea Broker, West Hills; T4, Payton Hergert, McKay Creek; T6, Oceane Schreier, McKay Creek; 8, Brooke Marshall.

400 relay - 1, West Hills (Gundlach); 2, West Hills (Powell); 3, McKay Creek (Walters); 4, Washington (Roop); 5, Sherwood (McLaughlin); 6, Washington (Ashbeck); 7, Sherwood (Irwin).

800 relay - 1, West Hills (Gundlach); 2, Sherwood (McLaughlin); 3, Sherwood (Irwin); 4, McKay Creek (FA); 5, West Hills (Powell); 6, McKay Creek (Walters).

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