HERMISTON - The Hermiston High School tennis teams swept Umatilla on Monday. The Bulldog girls posted a 6-0 victory, while the Hermiston boys won 8-1.

Hermiston's Taylor Smith defeated Leonard Routson 8-3, in the first singles match of the day, while teammate Jacob Crowther defeated Marshall Coleman 8-1.

Brandon Horn got the best of Sang-Woo Lee 8-1, and Eric Perez finished off James Wettlaufer 8-1.

In doubles play, Hermiston's Derik Harmon and Kenneth Gregory defeated Michael Palomino and David White 8-3, while the team of Jacob Crowther and Brandon Horn defeated Umatilla's Jakob Stefani and Arturo Rodriguez 8-0. Hermiston's Jason Sivey and Eric Perez stopped Ben Adams and Travis Hendon 8-2. Umatilla's Kevin Eddy and Eric Lougee were victorious over Nick Bell and Levi Smith 8-4, for the only Viking win of the day.

"It was a great time for our kids and the Umatilla kids to play," Hermiston coach John Lauck said. "Despite some windy weather, the kids had a great time."

On the girls side, Hermiston's Alissa Scott started the day defeating Erin Kauffman 8-2, followed by Sabrina Gibson getting a victory over Umatilla's Cristina Campos 8-6.

Danielle Smith finished singles play with an 8-4 victory over Allyssa Swaggart of Umatilla.

The Hermiston doubles team of Rina Shiboi and Sarah Eldrige defeated Merlin Solis and Lesly Claustro 8-1 in the first doubles match of the day, and teammates Sabrina Gibson and Kenzie Colgan were victorious over Ashely Ermantraut and Dani Reyes of Umatilla.

Stephanie Rowden and Sam Foster finished the day with a victory over Umatilla's team of Amie Hodge and KaSandra Hurford.


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