PENDLETON ­— Early in the week some of the timed events had seen better days, especially bulldogging. On Thursday, only three-of-11 calf wrestlers recorded times and one was accrued a 10 second penalty. Things picked up Friday when six of the 11 clocked times. But it was Saturday, the final day of the Pendleton Round-Up, that bulldogging brought fans to their feet.

Entering the short-go, Hilo, Hawaii, native Cody Cabral led the bunch with an average of 11.6 seconds. Of the 12-man field, the first three competitors clocked 5.4, 4.8, and 6.1 seconds. As the wrestlers and the calves went one after the other, there were only three men left — all of which averaged the fastest times. But one after the other recorded no time, as the calf either slipped away or the wrestler slipped off the calf.

By that time, Weatherford, Texas, native and Round-Up rookie, Clayton Hass, took the lead with an average of 19.8 seconds ­— not even the Flying Hawaiian could top that.

After a slow season, Hass needed a win and to get it at one of the biggest rodeos in the world was a great accomplishment.

“This big win is dang sure going to help and give me a chance,” he said.

After slack and Wednesday’s ride, he entered the finals with 13.8 as his average. After some good draws, he was able to put himself in contention for the championship.

“I was fortunate to get three decent chances here and I used them,” Hass said.

After making the most of his time at the Round-Up, Hass rode in front of the nearly sold out crowd one more time.

“It was pretty wild,” he said of his victory lap. “This is a great rodeo. I’ve only been to Pendleton three or four times. The victory lap here is pretty awesome, the crowd is amazing.”

Hass will take home spurs donated by the Thurman family, a hand engraved pocket watch, and a bottle of Pendleton whiskey along with the trophy saddle, trophy buckle, and more.


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Bulldogging: First round: 1. Cody Cabral, 5.3 seconds, $3,849; 2. (tie) Kody Dollery and Nick Guy, 5.7, $3,096 each; 4. John Green, 6.5, $2,343; 5. (tie) Josh Peek and Cameron Morman, 6.6, $1,590 each; 7. Colin Wolfe, 6.8, $837; 8. Dirk Tavenner, 7.1, $335. Second round: 1. Tom Lewis, 5.0 seconds, $3,849; 2. Timmy Sparing, 5.4, $3,347; 3. Cody Kroul, 5.5, $2,845; 4. Clayton Hass, 5.7, $2,343; 5. Cody Cabral, 6.2, $1,841; 6. Dakota Eldridge, 6.3, $1,339; 7. (tie) Travis Taruscio and Blaine Jones, 6.4, $586 each. Finals: 1. Cameron Morman, 4.8 seconds, $1,334; 2. J.D. Struxness, 5.0, $1,104; 3. Levi Rudd, 5.4, $874; 4. Clayton Hass, 6.0, $644; 5. Timmy Sparing, 6.1, $414; 6. Josh Peek, 6.8, $230. Average: 1. Clayton Hass, 19.8 seconds on three head, $5,773; 2. J.D. Struxness, 19.9, $5,020; 3. Cameron Morman, 20.3, $4,267; 4. Levi Rudd, 20.9, $3,514; 5. Timmy Sparing, 21.3, $2,761; 6. Josh Peek, 21.9, $2,008; 7. Blaine Jones, 29.4, $1,255; 8. Colin Wolfe, 37.7, $502.

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