Estrella Daltoso


Estrella Daltoso spent all four years of her high school career as a defender with the Riverside Pirates varsity soccer team.

This fall, she’ll join an all-new program.

Last Wednesday, the Riverside senior signed a letter of intent to play soccer with the Portland Community College Panthers. A number of other schools were on her radar, but she knew Portland was the school for her as soon as she set foot on campus.

“I was looking at Treasure Valley,” said Daltoso, “but I immediately fell in love with the PCC campus, its coaches, and the team.”

During her visit, Daltoso tried out for the Panthers soccer team, which gave her hands-on experience with the girls who would become her future teammates.

“My first impressions were that they were a very serious group of girls, but they also knew how to have fun,” she said. “They welcomed me onto the field and treated me like I was on the team, even if they didn’t know if I would make the cut at the time. They actually took the time to get to know me.”

For her last year with the Pirates, Daltoso helped her team make a strong run at the 3A state title. They shut out five consecutive games before falling to St. Mary’s 6-0 in the state quarterfinals. Their 5-0-1 record earned the team the No. 1 spot in the Eastern Oregon League standings.

“It was a really exciting year,” Daltoso said. “We had worked so hard over the past four years to get to the second round of state, and we were finally able to accomplish that. It was such an amazing group of girls. I’m excited to see where they go next year.”

During her time as a Panther, Daltoso plans to study elementary education, which she said has been a goal of hers for years. Her work as a summer camp counselor at the Treasure Valley YMCA in Cascade, Idaho, over the years inspired the decision.

“I love kids. They’re amazing,” she said. “I just want to be able to help the youth.”

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