Debut pairing pays off in team roping

Staff photo by Kathy AneySteven Duby and Trevor McCoin rope their way to a team roping championship Saturday at the Pendleton Round-Up with a run of 5.9 seconds.

PENDLETON — For most of the summer rodeo season, cowboy Trevor McCoin has been at home in Terrebonne helping his wife take care of newborn twin babies.

But while he was home, he kept his eye on the rodeo circuit, especially in his event in team roping, One day in late summer, he sent a text message to Melba, Idaho, roper Steven Duby to ask if Duby would need a partner by the time the Round-Up rolled around. And then the last day of registration, McCoin received a call from Duby telling him that they would run the Round-Up together.

“We’d roped at a couple jackpot team roping (events) but that’s it,” McCoin said of the pairs’ prior experience together.

The last-minute pairing paid off for the both of them, as they roped in a blazing fast 5.9 seconds in the short round on Saturday and an overall time of 22.7 seconds on three head to win the 107th Round-Up.

“It’s sure a treat to win,” McCoin said. “I’ve always wanted to win this since I was a little kid.”

For Duby, he was nearly speechless that the two of them pulled off the victory, earning a total of $7,833 for the rodeo.

“I love it here, I love the grass. I wish we could run more here every year,” he said. “I didn’t think we were going to make it back (for Saturday), then we didn’t draw a very good steer, thought it was going to go different than it did. I still can’t believe that it worked out like that.”

Duby and McCoin were the second team of the 12 total to run on Saturday, going in with the second-slowest time of 16.8 seconds on two — 3.1 seconds behind first place. The pair was happy with their time on Saturday, but didn’t think it would last as the 10 remaining teams featured a lot of talent.

“It was tough watching, because a lot of my friends were right there that went and I wanted them to do good but I wanted to win too,” Duby said.

But they watched as team after team struggled with steers, from two headers not able to make the initial catch or heelers having trouble with the back of the steer. The last team to go was Jake Stanley (Hermiston) and Brent Falon (Yakima, Washington) who needed a time faster than nine seconds to win the title.

Stanley got the head caught early, but the steer slipped after the catch which slowed down Falon’s ability to rope, resulting in a 12.9 second time.

The pair walked away with all kinds of gifts from trophy saddles and buckles, to a Pendleton Woolen Mills blanket, pair of boots and of course a bottle of Pendleton whisky.

“It’s a great rodeo,” Duby said. “They do a lot for us.”


Team roping

First round: 1. Clayton Hass/John Robertson, 5.6 seconds, $4,294 each; 2. Tyler Milligan/Shank Edwards, 5.7, $3,734; 3. Riley Minor/Brady Minor, 6.1, $3,174; 4. Austin Stafford/Dayton Stafford, 6.2, $2,613; 5. Jesse Northrop/Kurtis Barry, 6.3, $2,053; 6. David Temple/Tee Jay Brown, 6.4, $1,493; 7. Justin Farber/Garrett Busby, 6.7, $933; 8. (tie) Rhett Anderson/Brady Ramone, Bryce Palmer/Bo Patzke and Logan Olson/Kyle Lockett, 6.8, $124 each. Second round: 1. Jason Stewart/Bucky Campbell, 5.4 seconds, $4,294 each; 2. Blake Teixeira/Monty Joe Petska, 5.5, $3,734; 3. Erich Rogers/Cory Petska, 5.6, $3,174; 4. (tie) Chad Masters/Travis Graves and Brandon Beers/Cesar de la Cruz, 5.7, $2,333 each; 6. Jake Stanley/Brent Falon, 5.8, $1,493; 7. Chris McKoen/Jason Duby, 6.0, $933; 8. Shay Carroll/Nano Garza, 6.3, $373. Finals: 1. Steven Duby/Trevor McCoin, 5.9 seconds, $1,443 each; 2. Jesse Northrop/Kurtis Barry, 8.5, $1,194; 3. Chad Masters/Travis Graves, 9.1, $945; 4. Brett Sheehan/Jared Parke, 11.6, $697; 5. Riley Minor/Brady Minor, 12.8, $448; 6. Jake Stanley/Brent Falon, 12.9, $249. Average: 1. Steven Duby/Trevor McCoin, 22.7 seconds on three head, $6,440 each; 2. Chad Masters/Travis Graves, 23.3, $5,600; 3. Jesse Northrop/Kurtis Barry, 23.7, $4,760; 4. (tie) Riley Minor/Brady Minor and Jake Stanley/Brent Falon, 26.6, $3,500 each; 6. Brett Sheehan/Jared Parke, 26.8, $2,240; 7. Corey Fitze/Adam Fitze, 29.9, $1,400; 8. Dale Benevides/Buck McCay, 31.4, $560.

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