PENDLETON — It’s been a tough week at the Pendleton Round-Up for the steer ropers.

Just nine cowboys were able to score two qualified times to make the finals on Saturday, with four more being added with the top times on one head. The final round on Saturday was another tough round for the cowboys, as just four of the 13 recorded a time.

When all was said and done, Will Gasperson (Decatur, Texas) came out on top after winning the final round with 15.8 seconds and the average with 49.0 seconds on three to win the rodeo.

For the day alone, Gasperson earned $6,741 plus another $2,294 for placing fourth in the first round to bring his total earnings for the week to more than $9,000. Gasperson was not available for comment after the event.

Trevor Brazile (Decatur, Texas) and Shay Good (Midland, Texas) were set up well in the steer roping, as Brazile came into Saturday with an average of 26.7 on two head and the fastest time of the week with 12.7 seconds in the second round, while Good was second in average with 27.1 seconds. They were the final two competitors to go on Saturday, needing a time faster than 22.7 seconds for Good and 22.3 seconds for Brazile to win the title.

However Good failed to catch his steer with the rope, while Brazile roped it but the steer stayed too close to Brazile and his horse to be able to trip it, resulting in no times for both cowboys.

The only other cowboys to record times on Saturday were Todd Dickson (Madras) scored 17.6 seconds to finish second in the average with 54.3 seconds, Scott Stickley (Whitesboro, Texas) had 20.6 seconds to finish third in average with 60.0 and Kim Ziegelgruber had 21.2 seconds to finish sixth in the average with 34.0 on two head.


Steer roping

First round: 1. Tuf Cooper, 13.1 seconds, $3,769; 2. Shay Good, 13.8, $3,277; 3. Trevor Brazile, 14.0, $2,786; 4. Will Gasperson, 14.8, $2,294; 5. Tim Tillard, 15.4, $1,802; 6. Dave Sedar, 15.6, $1,311; 7. Roger Branch, 15.8, $819; 8. Shorty Garten, 15.9, $328. Second round: 1. Trevor Brazile, 12.7 seconds, $3,769; 2. Kim Ziegelgruber, 12.8, $3,277; 3. (tie) Jason Stewart and Quay Howard, 13.1, $2,540 each; 5. Shay Good, 13.3, $1,802; 6. Cody Lee, 13.5, $1,311; 7. Bill Benson, 14.5, $819; 8. Russell Cardoza, 16.2, $328. Finals: 1. Will Gasperson, 15.8 seconds, $1,088; 2. Todd Dickson, 17.6, $900; 3. Scott Stickley, 20.6, $713; 4. Kim Ziegelgruber, 21.2, $525; no other qualified runs. Average: 1. Will Gasperson, 49.0 seconds on three head, $5,653; 2. Todd Dickson, 54.3, $4,916; 3. Scott Stickley, 60.0, $4,178; 4. Trevor Brazile, 26.7 on two head, $3,441; 5. Shay Good, 27.1, $2,704; 6. Kim Ziegelgruber, 34.0, $1,966; 7. Chris Glover, 35.1, $1,229; 8. Gabe Richardson, 38.5, $492.

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