PENDLETON — The Bucks may have braved the cold, but couldn’t withstand Hood River Valley in their Intermountain Conference rematch.

On a Tuesday evening that dipped into freezing temperatures, the Pendleton girls soccer team suffered a 6-0 home shutout against the Hood River Valley Eagles for the second time this season. The loss fell on senior night and the Bucks’ final home appearance of the regular season.

“The cold made it difficult to run out there,” Pendleton senior defender Ashlynn Madril said. “We’re a very young team, but we’ve improved greatly from where we were in the early games of the season. We can connect passes and move without the ball. We have a great keeper. It made for a great senior season.”

Eagles junior forward Vanesa Preciado had a shot on goal in the third minute before making contact with the net at 33:55 to put her team out front early. Sophomore midfielder True Becker scored another Hood River goal before that same minute was up.

Bucks sophomore goalkeeper Lindsey Pasena-Little Sky fended off another goal attempt from Preciado in the 16th minute, and another from Becker in the 24th. It wasn’t until there were 15 minutes left in the half that Hood River was able to slip a third goal past Little Sky for a 3-0 advantage at the buzzer.

“The cold was a bit distracting,” Little Sky said. “(Hood River Valley) is a good team. They played together as a team and kept their intensity up all the way through.”

Pendleton sophomore forward Reilly Lovercheck had two shots on goal in the first 15 minutes of the final half, but Preciado scored her second goal at 28:51 to leave the Bucks down 4-0.

Eagles junior midfielder Magali Amezquita sent a goal rolling toward Little Sky, who dove for the save as the ball slipped just out of her grasp and into the net.

Little Sky would halt two more goal attempts from Amezquita before the timer ran out, but the Hood River midfielder finally evaded her defense and returned to sink the Eagles’ final goal of the night with just 19 seconds left to play.

“We ended with the same score (against Hood River tonight), but I think we played a lot better this time,” Lovercheck said. “We controlled the game for the first 10 minutes.”

The match was the final home appearance of Madril, midfielder Anna LeGore, and junior exchange student Josefine Karlsburg for the regular season.

The shutout was the third in a row for the No. 2 Eagles (7-5, 7-1 IMC). The fifth-ranked Bucks (2-10, 2-6 IMC) will finish off the regular season on Thursday with a match against the league’s No. 1 Ridgeview Ravens.

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