Hermiston’s Neal leads all-district team

Staff photo by Kathy Aney Dayshawn Neal, of Hermiston, exults after intercepting the ball during a 2017 non-conference game against Lewiston at Kennison Field. Neal was voted as Special District 1s Co-Offensive Player of the Year after catching 70 passes for 1,118 yards and 17 touchdowns on the season.

Hermiston senior Dayshawn Neal was voted as Co-Offensive Player of the Year in 5A Special District 1 by the league’s coaches, adding to what has become a stellar career for the Bulldogs’ wideout.

Neal built on a breakout junior season with an even better senior year, grabbing 70 receptions for 1,118 yards and 17 touchdowns as Hermiston’s go-to receiver. In league play alone, he caught 31 passes for 589 yards and 10 scores. Overall, he accounted for 47 percent of Hermiston’s receiving yards, 48 percent of the pass completions and 58 percent of the touchdown receptions.

He shares the honor with Mountain View running back Jonas Larson, the workhorse running back that ran through every opposing defense at will this season. Mountain View’s Rylee Ettinger was voted the district’s defensive top player and his head coach Brian Crum was voted the top coach.

The Cougars, who won the district’s regular season crown with a perfect 7-0 record, placed 14 players in 20 total positions on the three all-district teams. Pendleton had the most players selected with 16, followed by Mountain View, Bend (12), Summit (11) and Hermiston (10) in double digits.

Hermiston, who finished second in the district, had seven first team selections with quarterback Andrew James, running back/linebacker Jonathan Hinkle, offensive lineman Beau Blake, defensive back Joey Gutierrez and Neal at receiver and defensive back. Linemen AJ Fernandez and Taylor Arnold earned spots on the second team, while defensive lineman Keaton Mikami, linebacker Peter Earl and defensive back Tyler Rohrman were honorable mentions.

The Pendleton Buckaroos had four first team picks, including receiver Shaw Jerome, defensive lineman Greg Lee, linebacker Kirk Liscom and punter Gabe Umbarger. On second team was quarterback Nick Bower, receiver Cam Sandford, offensive lineman Everett Willard and defensive back Ian Bannister. Rounding out the Bucks’ picks as honorable mentions were receiver Tanner Stephan, receiver Blake Davis, running back Shawn Yeager, tight end Willie Camp offensive lineman Travis McGee, offensive lineman Cetch Kelly, defensive lineman Beau Skinner and linebacker Aiden Patterson.



Offensive Players of the Year — Dayshawn Neal, Hermiston; Jonas Larson, Mountain View

Defensive Player of the Year — Rylee Ettinger, Mountain View

Coach of the Year — Brian Crum, Mountain View

First Team

QB — Andrew James, Hermiston, jr.

RB — Jonas Larson, Mountain View, sr.; Jonathan Hinkle, Hermiston, sr.; Jack Taylor, Redmond, sr.

WR — Dayshawn Neal, Hermiston, sr.; Shaw Jerome, Pendleton, sr.

TE — Cian Marderos, Summit, sr.

OL — Reed Sehorn-Hurst, Mountain View, sr.; Rylee Ettinger, Mountain View, sr.; Beau Blake, Hermiston, sr.; Brandt Waller, Mountain View, sr.; Noah Turnbull, Summit, sr.

K — Cameron Houchin, Mountain View, jr.

DL — Rylee Ettinger, Mountain View, sr.; Greg Lee, Pendleton, sr.; Haakon Kjellesvik, Bend, sr.; Noah Turnbull, Summit, sr.

LB — Dalton Payfer, Mountain View, jr.; Jonathan Hinkle, Hermiston, sr.; Patrick Estes, Hood River, sr.; Kirk Liscom, Pendleton, jr.

DB — Joey Gutierrez, Hermiston, sr.; Logan McCulligan, Mountain View, jr.; Colton Mortenson, Redmond, sr.; Dayshawn Neal, Hermiston, sr.

P — Gabe Umbarger, Pendleton, jr.

Second Team

QB — Nick Bower, Pendleton, sr.

RB — Kyle Reed, Bend, jr.; Michael Jones, Hood River, sr.; Conner Benz, Ridgeview, sr.

WR — Cam Sandford, Pendleton, sr.; Tysen Scott, Bend, jr.; Ben Graziani, Summit, sr.

TE — Luke Schulz, Mountain View, sr.

OL — Everett Willard, Pendleton, jr.; AJ Fernandez, Hermiston, sr.; Derek Mann, Ridgeview, jr.; Riley Straly, Mountain View, sr.; Taylor Arnold, Hermiston, sr.

K — Max Asevado, Summit, sr.

DL — Luke Schulz, Mountain View, sr.; Brandt Waller, Mountain View, sr.; Isaac Caldwell, Bend, jr.; Tristyn Brower, Ridgeview, sr..

LB — Payton Davis, Bend, jr.; Marshall Davis, Bend, sr.; Cian Marderos, Summit, sr.; John Crivellone, Redmond, sr.

DB — Forrest Love, Mountain View, jr.; Ian Bannister, Pendleton, jr.; Campbell Smith, Summit, jr.; Micah Cupp, Ridgeview, sr.

P — Cameron Houchin, Mountain View, jr.

Honrable Mention

QB — Henry Bledsoe, Summit, jr.; Cooper Simmonds, Bend, jr.

RB — Shawn Yeager, Pendleton, jr.; Dalton Payfer, Mountain View, jr.

WR — Konrad Collins, Summit, sr.; Tanner Wells, Hood River, sr.; Blake Davis, Pendleton, jr.; Tanner Stephan, Pendleton, sr.

TE — Willie Camp, Pendleton, jr; Shandon Malikowski, Mountain View, jr.; Jakob Kappus, Bend, jr.

OL — Wade Pickering, Hood River, sr.; Dylan Gonzales, Summit, jr.; Dillon Young, Redmond, jr.; Ryan Martini, Mountain View, jr.; Travis McGee, Pendleton, so.; Tyler Bartlett, Ridgeview, jr.; Max Rastovich, Bend, jr.; Jonah Yunker, Summit, jr.; Cetch Kelly, Pendleton, jr.

K — Nick Sperber, Ridgeview, sr.

DL — Keaton Mikami, Hermiston, sr.; Beau Skinner, Pendleton, jr.; Jonah Yunker, Summit, jr.; John Lawrence, Redmond, sr.; Riley Straly, Mountain View, sr.; Daniel Winters, Bend, sr.; Jeremiah McCray, Summit, jr.

LB — Titus Schulz, Mountain View, so.; Peter Earl, Hermiston, sr.; Aiden Patterson, Pendleton, jr.; Beto Rojas, Hood River, jr.; Noah Brown, Ridgeview, jr.

DB — Tyler Rohrman, Hermiston, sr.; Tyson Hester, Redmond, sr.; Hunter Reinwald, Bend, sr.; Justin Radatti, Summit, sr.; Nalique Hogan, Mountain View, jr.; Spencer Steckman, Bend, jr.

P — Tysen Scott, Bend, sr.

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