Local dojang cleans up at tourney

Students at Eastern Oregon Family Taekwondo in Stanfield pose with their trophies after the Battle on the Columbia tournament in Pasco, Washington last month. Back row: (Lorry Watson instructor -owner) Melissa Shilhonic, Jaxon Cook, Levi Hockeri, owner and head instructor Erwin Watson.(Instructors Tyler Watson, Bailey Watson not pictured.) Bottom left to right: J.P Phillips,Joseph Medina, Rene Sanchez, Misea Sanchez, Mario Sanchez, Luis Ibarra, Sukhprit Kaur, Osvaldo Sanchez, Natividad Sancez, Arron Sanchez, Vladimir Caldera.

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PASCO, Wash. — Eastern Oregon Family Taekwondo of Stanfield took home a number of honors last month from the 7th Annual Battle on the Columbia at Columbia Basin College in Pasco and hosted by Chon Ji Martial Arts of Richland.

EOTF students placed in 20 disciplines from forms to sparring to stick sparring with Vladimir Caldera being named the Grand Champion of forms in the adult class.

The next tournament for Eastern Oregon Family Taekwondo is Oct. 24 at the Governor’s Cup in Lacey, Washington. EOTF is hosting two free Stranger Danger classes on Sept. 15 and 22.

Other winners were as follows: (7 and under white belts) Levi Hocker, 4, participation medal; Sukhprit Kaur, 7, first in forms, first in stick sparring; Arron Sanchez, 7, first in forms, first in sparring, third in stick sparring; (8-10-year-old novice) Miseal Sanchez, third in sparring; Osvaldo Sanchez, first in sparring; Joseph Medina, third in forms; (8-10-year-old advanced) J.P. Phillips, third in stick sparring; Luis Ibarra, third in forms, second in sparring, third in stick sparring; (13-14-year-old novice) Jaxon Cook, participation medal; Mario Sanchez, second in forms, third in sparring; Rene Sanchez, third in forms, third in stick sparring; Natividad Sanchez, first in forms, first in sparring; (Adults) Vladimir Caldera, first in forms, first in sparring, second in stick sparring, Grand Champion in forms; Melissa Shilhonic, participation medal.

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