On Wednesday afternoon, the Blue Mountain softball team took home their first two wins of the season. The Timberwolves defeated their Yakima Valley hosts 7-4, and 10-6 in Northwest Athletic Conference action.

Blue Mountain was ahead 4-3 after two innings in game one, but returned with three more runs in the fourth inning to give themselves some distance.

“We got off the bus and played strong, but let up after those first two innings,” said coach Steve Richards. “It was a good thing to see after a long bus ride. We went flat for a few innings, but came back to finish strong.”

In game one, Kayleigh Hibbard was 1 for 5, but scored two runs. Jesslyn Kriebs was 2 for 4 with three RBIs, and Faith McQueen hit 3 for 4 with three runs driven in. Ashley Hill also scored two runs of her own.

Hibbard also struck out seven Yaks across all seven innings in game one, and walked five.

“She puts the ball in some good spots,” Richards said of Hibbard. “Our shortstop and second baseman have good games when she’s pitching. She makes it easy to get those ground outs.”

Game two didn’t get off to such a quick start for the Timberwolves. Trailing 3-0 for over half the game, it wouldn’t be until the top of the fifth when they would mount a comeback.

“I feel like we let our foot off the pedal for a little bit,” Richards said. “It took them four innings to get going, but they finally did.”

Pendleton native Tatum Fell got the rally started with a double in the fifth inning. She would score two runs and an RBI to put the Timberwolves on the scoreboard.

From there, the Timberwolves would score three more runs before the inning was up, six more in the top of the sixth, and one more in the seventh for good measure.

Hibbard ended game two batting 3 for 5 with two runs and four RBIs. Fell would score two runs and drive another home.

Blue Mountain (2-12, 2-4 NWAC) returns to their home field on Friday for a doubleheader against Spokane. First pitch is at 2 p.m.

NWAC Baseball

On Thursday, the Blue Mountain Timberwolves hosted the Treasure Valley Partridges to split their season’s NWAC debut. They dropped their first game 6-4, but came back to claim the second 6-1.

Despite Blue Mountain’s 4-2 lead at the bottom of the fourth, the Partridges made a return with a four-run fifth inning, bolstered by Bryant Gerdes’ two-RBI single.

Gage Young led Blue Mountain’s offense in game one, batting 2 for 4 with a run and another driven in. Micah O’Donnell was 1 for 3 with two RBIs. Jorge Andrade struck out five Partridges, and walked just one.

The Timberwolves bounced back in game two, turning down the Partridges 6-1.

Treasure Valley was held scoreless for six innings until Chris Sabin was driven home on Payton Higgins’ RBI at the top of the seventh. The Timberwolves led just 1-0 from inning two to inning six, where they ran in two more, and finished the game with three runs in the bottom of the eighth.

O’Donnell hit 2 for 4 with two runs and an RBI. Young was 1 for 3 with two runs.

Blue Mountain (12-7, 1-1 NWAC) continues in conference play on Saturday at Columbia Basin.

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