SALEM — Just weeks after proposing to revamp football at the Class 2A and 1A level, the Oregon School Activities Association’s Football Ad Hoc Committee has backpedaled.

On Jan. 7, the committee announced it was supporting a model where 2A football teams would compete in 11-man football, while 1A teams would play eight-man football (or six-man for the smallest 1A schools). The reversal means little will change with how small-school football in Oregon has been been run.

The committee’s recommendation still faces a vote by the OSAA Executive Board.

The change will not prevent teams from playing in nine-man competition, the update reads, but these games will be scheduled between schools.

The committee also formally supported adoption of six-man football as an OSAA sport. The committee’s recommendation will need to first be supported by the OSAA’s State Championship Committee before going to the executive board.

On Dec. 20, the ad hoc committee made a recommendation of a new 2A and 1A hybrid classification. This would combine Oregon’s 2A and 1A schools into three groups: a nine-man football Division 1 classification mostly made of 2A teams, a nine-man football Division 2 classification made of smaller 2A teams and bigger 1A teams, and a six-man football classification for the smaller 1A programs.

During that meeting, Nestucca head coach Jeff Schiewe said that 2A programs would prefer to play nine-man football over eight-man, which is currently only played at the 1A level. However, during a Jan. 5 meeting of the ad hoc committee, representatives from 1A’s Adrian and Powder Valley schools voiced their concerns over a potential change to nine-man football.

The next meeting of the football ad hoc committee will be Jan. 19.

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