PENDLETON — As the Round-Up and 100th anniversary of Happy Canyon draws closer each day, details are getting set in stone to kick off the week.

The Banner Bank PBR Classic has been set for Sept. 12-13 at 8 p.m. at Happy Canyon arena, which will feature some of the world’s toughest cowboys going up against some of the world’s toughest bulls. However, this year’s event features a bit of a twist as three bullfighters from Bullfighters Only will show off their skills to promote the sport of freestyle bullfighting.

Each of the bullfighters will fight a Spanish Fighting Bull, known as the most aggressive bulls in the sport, and will be judged on control, aggression, style, difficulty, and creativity.

Event organizers are excited about this new addition to this year’s Classic.

“We anticipate this year’s PBR Classic to be our best yet,” said Happy Canyon President J.J. Spriet in a press release. “With the celebration of Happy Canyon’s 100-year anniversary and the addition of Bullfighters Only, visitors are in for a wild ride.”

Returning once again to entertain the crowds of the two-night event is Flint Rasmussen, the longtime PRCA rodeo clown and 2011 Pendleton Round-Up and Happy Canyon Hall of Fame inductee.

“We’re excited Flint is coming back to Pendleton again this year,” said Round-Up president Bill Levy. “He brings a level of entertainment unmatched in all of bull riding.”

Tickets for the PBR Classic range from $24 to $44 are already on sale at or by calling 1-800-45-RODEO.

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