The Blue Mountain Community College’s best and brightest cowboys and cowgirls found themselves in familiar position concluding Saturday’s season wrapping rodeo at Farm-City Pro Rodeo Saturday in Hermiston.

For the third consecutive season the Timberwolves men’s and women’s rodeo teams claimed Northwest Intercollegiate Rodeo titles. The men’s team did so in record-breaking fashion, outscoring second place Walla Walla by over 5000 points during the 10-regional rodeo season.

“I’ve been here for some 30 years and this the best season we’ve had in accumulating points since I’ve been here,” coach Larry Patterson said.

The success was found behind unmatched depth. The men’s all-around leaderboard was led by six BMCC cowboys, namely Jared Parke, who repeated as top cowboy for the second consecutive season. Parke also reclaimed his steer roping title and won tie-down roping for the first time.

Jessica Lewis leapt from third place to first with two strong barrel racing go’s over the weekend. The charge brought her over defending BMCC champ Callahan Crossley who was forced to finish second on the season.

The margin was less for the women’s team. Danyelle Jo Williams helped push them over the edge to victory with an all-around season win.

The Hermiston fair grounds played host two separate rodeos over the weekend. The Fifth Northwest Regional on Friday and the NWIR final rodeo on Saturday. Blue Mountain swept three of four team titles during over the weekend. The men’s team came away victorious in each, while the women lost on Friday but rebounded on Saturday with a triumph.

Tyler Potter (bareback) and Parke (tie-down) were each individual discipline winners on Friday.

Saturday was all Timberwolves. The host school won eight of 10 events. Ryan Verling (saddle bronc), Jordan Tye (team roping header), Austin Thompson (team roping heeler), Jessica Lewis (barrel racing) Makenzie Fuller (breakaway roping) and Williams (goat tying) each captured titles.

Jordan Tye took the all-around crown at Saturday’s finale.

With its regional dynasty still intact, the team’s now turn their attention to June for the National Finals rodeo in Caspwer, Wyo. The team has qualified seven men and four women for the top collegiate event.


Northwest Region Final Standings

Men’s team: 1, Blue Mountain 8,885; 2, Walla Walla CC 3847.5

Women’s team: 1, Blue Mountain 4,548.50; 2, Central Washington 3012.5.

Men’s All-around: 1, Jared Parke (BMCC) 2,025; 2, Clayton Hansen (BMCC) 1,720.5; 3, Chase Hansen (BMCC) 1,492.5; 4, Michael Pederson (BMCC) 1401.5; 5, Jordan Tye (BMCC) 1358.; 6, A. Thompson (BMCC) 1186.

Women’s All-around: 1, Danyelle Jo Williams (BMCC) 1785.5, Brittany Dawn Baty (BOISE) 1447.

Saddle Bronc: 1, Tucker Hill (WWCC) 495, 2, Luke McKay (TVCC) 452.

Bareback: 1, Adam Waite (TVCC) 1,335; 2, Tyler Potter (BMCC) 1071.

Bullriding: 1, Bryan Carter (ORSU) 325, 2, Donaye Smith (EWU) 271.

Tie-down: 1, J. Parke (BMCC) 812; 2, Devin Robinson (ORSU) 730.

Steer wrestling: 1, J. Parke (BMCC); 2, E. Knapp (TVCC) 880.

Team roping header: 1, McKenna Buckner (ORSU) 768; 2, J. Tye (BMCC) 648.

Team roping heeler: 1, Taylor Duby (WWVCC); 2, A. Thompson (BMCC) 648.

Barrel racing: 1, Jessica Lewis (BMCC) 919.5; Callahan Crossley (BMCC) 901.

Breakaway roping: 1, Kiley Streeter (WWVCC) 730; 2, B. Baty (BOISE) 519.

Goat tying: 1, Casey Loper (EOU) 1014.5; 2, B. Baty (BOISE) 849.

Northwest Region Rodeo # 5 (Hermiston)


Men’s team: 1, Blue Mountain 837; 2, Treasure Valley 390.

Women’s team: 1, Treasure Valley 390; 2, Blue Mountain 374.5.

Men’s All-around: 1, Devin Robinson (ORSU) 252, J. Parke (BMCC) 233.

Women’s All-around: 1, K. Streeter (WWVCC) 214; 2, C. Crossley (BMCC) 204.5.

Saddle Bronc: 1, Tyler Holloway (WWCC) 63.0, 2, L. McKay (TVCC) 44.0.

Bareback: 1, T. Potter (BMCC) 76.0; 2, A. Waite (TVCC) 64.0

Tie-down: 1, J. Parke (BMCC) 9.5; 2, M. Pederson (BMCC) 9.9.

Steer wrestling: 1, Devin Robinson (ORSU) 5.6; 2, Ryan Opie (BMCC) 5.9

Team roping header: 1, M. Buckner (ORSU) 7.4; 2, Cl. Hansen (BMCC) 11.7.

Team roping heeler: 1, T. Duby (WWVCC) 7.4; 2, Ch. Hansen (BMCC) 11.7

Barrel racing: 1, Breann Ary (TVCC) 17.25; 2, C. Crossley (BMCC) 17.35.

Breakaway roping: 1, Charlene Tiele (WWCC) 3.1; 2, K. Streeter (WWCC) 3.3.

Goat tying: 1, K. Hamann (EOU) 7.2; 1, B. Baty (BOISE) 7.2; 1, C. Loper (EOU) 7.2

Blue Mountain Community College Rodeo (Hermiston)


Men’s team: 1, Blue Mountain 945; 2, Treasure Valley 660.

Women’s team: 1, Blue Mountain 345; 2, Eastern Oregon 295.

Men’s All-around: 1, J. Tye (BMCC) 270; 2, Nic Nyman (WWCC) 220.

Women’s All-around: 1, C. Loper (EOU) 255; 2, Jessie Loper (CORCC) 155.

Saddle Bronc: 1, Ryan Verling (BMCC) 118.0 2, L. McKay (TVCC) 40.0.

Bareback: 1, A. Waite (TVCC) 135, T. 2, Potter (BMCC) 62.0;

Bullriding: Bryan Carter (ORSU) 154.0, Wyatt Wilks (EWU) 0.0.

Tie-down: 1, D. Robinson (ORSU) 22.0; 2, J. Tye (BMCC) 22.6.

Steer wrestling: 1, N. Nyman (WWVCC) 10.0; 2, J. Parke (BMCC) 13.3

Team roping header: 1, J. Tye (BMCC) 23.0; 2, J. Dalton (TVCC) 21.3.

Team roping heeler: 1, A. Thompson (BMCC) 23.0; 2, Kristopher Garrett (TVCC) 21.3.

Barrel racing: 1, Jessica Lewis (BMCC) 35.1; 2, Fallon Chevallier (BMCC) 35.64.

Breakaway roping: 1, M. Fuller (BMCC) 7.0; 2, B. Baty (BOISE) 6.8.

Goat tying: 1, D. Williams (BMCC) 15.8; 2, C. Loper (EOU) 16.0.

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