Williams keeps T-Wolves on top

Staff photo by Kathy Aney In this 2015 file photo, Blue Mountain Community College's Tyler Potter competes in bareback at a college rodeo in Hermiston. Potter placed eighth in the second round of bareback at the College National Finals Rodeo on Tuesday in Casper, Wyoming.

PENDLETON — The Blue Mountain Community College women maintained their lead in team points and claimed their second round win at the College National Finals Rodeo on Tuesday.

Sophomore Danyelle Williams’ 2.1 seconds in breakaway from Monday’s slack tied her for the Round 2 win, and her 14.04 run in barrel racing on Tuesday at the Casper (Wyo.) Events Center was good for second in the round. Williams also leads the women’s all-around standings with 155 points.

The BMCC women also got points on Tuesday from Lauren Leyva, who tied for sixth in Round 2 of goat tying with 6.4 seconds, and the T-Wolves have 260 total to lead Gillette College by 25 points.

As evidence of how narrow the margin for error is in barrel racing, Round 1 winner Jessica Lewis failed to place in the second round with a time of 14.28 during Tuesday’s slack, which completed the second round for all events.

She’s still in the lead in the aggregate, though, with 28.23 on two. Williams is third with 28.38, and Emily Sorey is tied for 27th with 29.43 after posting 14.92 in her second run. In another event that will be decided by fractions of a second, Leyva is fifth in the goat tying aggregate with 13.0 on two, just .4 off the lead. Quincy Pendergrass is tied for 12th with 13.7 and had a 6.7 on Tuesday.

Williams missed her first breakaway attempt and is 26th in that event.

The Blue Mountain men’s struggles continued, and the T-Wolves were in 49th place with just 10 points. Feather River College was in the lead with 465.

Tyler Potter provided BMCC’s points by placing eighth in the second round of bareback with 70.5 points. It was his first score in the event, and he’s 28th in the aggregate. Kenny Haworth is 15th in the aggregate with 134.5 on two.

Steer wrestler JT Garland hasn’t placed in either round, but is 11th in the aggregate with 12.7 on two. He had a 5.5 on Tuesday.

Jared Parke is 20th in steer wrestling with 20.7 on two, and 33rd in tie-down with 10.3 on one after a no-time in Round 2. He and team roping partner Jordan Tye made their first catch on Tuesday in 10.0 and are 30th in that event. Tye is also 20th in tie-down with 33.0 on two.

Chase Hansen and Chaise Robbins, who are teamed with ropers from other colleges, continued to come up empty in team roping.

Oregon State’s Michael Pederson, of Hermiston, had a 10.6 in his second attempt at tie-down and is ninth in the aggregate with 22.1 on two.

The third round of the long-go begins Wednesday with the rodeo’s first performance and concludes with Friday’s performance. The top 12 in each event’s aggregate standings will then advance to Saturday’s championship short-go.

Five T-Wolves will compete in Wednesday’s performance: Parke and Tye in tie-down, Robbins and Hansen in team roping, and Pendergrass in goat tying.


2016 CNFR

Results through Tuesday, June 13

Bareback Riding — (first round winners) 1, Clayton Biglow, Feather River College, 80 points. 2, Wyatt Denny, Feather River College, 77.5.. 3, Jake Sterno, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 77. 4, Wyatt Bloom, Montana State University, 75. 5, (tie) Zach Hibler, Western Texas College and Kody Lamb, Tarleton State University, 74 each. 7, (tie) Cache Hill, University of Great Falls; Logan Patterson, Panhandle State University; and Jaden Clark, University of Wyoming, 73.5 each. (second round winners) 1, Dylan Wahlert, Casper College, 77 points. 2, Wyatt Denny, Feather River College, 76.5. 3, Tanner Phipps, University of Tennessee – Martin, 74. 4, Clayton Biglow, Feather River College, 73.5. 5, Kody Lamb, Tarleton State University, 72.5. 6, Tristan Hansen, University of Montana – Western, 72. 7, Blake Smith, Dickinson state University, 71.5. 8, Tyler Potter, Blue Mountain Community College, 70.5.

Steer wrestling — (first round winners) 1, (tie) Benjamin Cox, Southern Arkansas University, and Matt Morian, Sam Houston State University, 4.1 seconds each. 3, Jacob Edler, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 4.7. 4, Jace Melvin, Tarleton State University, 4.8. 5, Dalton Rydalch, Weber State University, 5.1. 6, Will Powell, Montana State University, 5.2. 7, Wyatt Lindsay, New Mexico State University, 5.4. 8, Tom Littell, Hastings College, 5.6. (second round winners) 1, Marcus Theriot, East Mississippi Community College, 3.9. 2, (tie) Cameron Morman, Dickinson State University, and J.D. Struxness, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 4.2 each. 4, Benjamin Cox, Southern Arkansas University, 4.3. 5, (tie) Kodie Jang, Western Texas College, and Sam Powers, Sul Ross State University, 4.5. 7, (tie) Dillon Hushour, California State University – Fresno and Coltin Hill, Central Wyoming College, 4.8.

Breakaway Roping — (first round winners) 1, Brandi Hollenbeck, Garden City Community College, 1.9 seconds. 2, Samantha Jorgenson, Black Hills College, 2.2. 3, Haillie Taylor, Colorado Mesa College, 2.3. 4, (tie) Coralee Spratt, Gillette College, and Kirbie Spratt, Missouri Valley College, 2.4 each. 6, Katie Rice, Cal Poly State University -San Luis Obispo, 2.5,. 7, (tie) Brittany Dias, California State University – Fresno and Kylee Mackelprang, Southern Utah University, 2.6 each. (second round winners) 1, (tie) Danyelle Williams, Blue Mountain Community College and Mia Manzanares, McNeese State University, 2.1 seconds each. 3, Cheyenne Britain, Ranger College, 2.4. 4, (tie) Tess Turk, University of Montana – Western, Brittany Dias, Californa State University – Fresno; Taylor Engesser, Gillette College; and Dalli Bean, Treasure Valley Community College, 2.5. 8, Kate Gover, Missouri Valley College, 2.6.

Saddle Bronc Riding — (first round winners) 1, Clayton Brum, College of Southern Idaho, 76.5. 2, Clay Elliott, Panhandle State University, 75. 3, Wyatt Casper, Clarendon College, 74.5. 4, Shade Etbauer, Panhandle State University, 73.5. 5, Blaise Freeman, Western Texas College, 72.5. 6, Tucker hill, Walla Walla Community College, 71.5. 7, Garet Aldridge, Sam Houston State University, 70.5. 8, Will Centoni, Questa College, 70. (second round winners) 1. (tie) Clay Elliott, Panhandle State University, and Mitch Pollock, College of Southern Idaho, 73 points each. 3, (tie) Tayte Clark, Sheridan College, and Tyler Baeza, McNeese State University, 71.5. 5, Colton Miller, Central Wyoming College, 71. 6, Garet Aldridge, Sam Houston State University, 70.5. 7, Wyatt Casper, Clarendon College, 70. 8, (tie) Quincy Crum, Feather River College, and Briar Dittmer, Missouri Valley College, 68.5.

Tie-Down Roping — (first round winners) 1, Bryson Sechrist, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 8.4 seconds. 2, (tie) Clayton Van Aken, Chadron State College, and Hudson Wallace, Sam Houston State University, 9.0 each. 4, Lane Santos – Karney, Feather River College, 9.2. 5, (tie) Ben Walker, University of Tennessee – Martin and Lane Livingston, Weatherford College, 9.3. 7, Jarrett Oestmann, Iowa Central Community College, 9.6. 8, Tyson Arledge, Trinity Valley Community College, 9.7. (second round winners) 1, Colton Farquer, Cal Poly State University – San Luis Obispo, 7.7 seconds. 2, Cooper Martin, Hill College, 7.9. 3, Marcus Theriot, East Mississippi Community College, 8.0. 4, Cord Barricklow, Southern Arkansas University, 8.4. 5, De’Andre’ Jackson, Vernon College, 8.8. 6, Taylor Skinner, Idaho State University, 9.0. 7, Brody Stallard, New Mexico State University, 9.1. 8, Wyatt Caldwell, Utah Valley University, 9.3.

Team Roping — (first round winners) 1, Cole Wheeler, Weatherford College and Wesley Thorp, Ranger College, 5.1 seconds. 2, Logan Currie, Southwest Texas Junior College, and Reno Gonzales, Hill College, 5.2. 3, Newt Bruley, South Dakota State University and Tucker Dale, Dickinson State University, 5.8. 4, Marcus Theriot, east Mississippi Community College, and Lane Mitchell, University of Tennessee – Martin, 6.2. 5, (tie) Lane Livingson, Weatherford College and Reno Stoebner Ranger College; and Lucas MacKenzie, New Mexico State University and Benjie Sam, Navajo Technical College, 6.4 each. 7, Lane Lowry, Cuesta College and Colton Campbell, California State University – Fresno, 6.6. 8, Reese Weber, Mid Plains Community College and Colton Backhaus, Black Hills State University 6.7. (second round winners) 1, Wyatt Casper, Clarendon College and Trevor Kirchenschlager, Ranger College, 5.0 seconds. 2, Clayton Biglow, and Lane Santos-Karney, Feather River College, 5.1. 3, Taylor Winn and Colton Robins, Southern Utah University, 5.8. 4, Ky Barry, Central Arizona College and Carl Sweazea, New Mexico State University, 6.0; 5, Mason Boettcher and Ty Arnold, Wharton County Junior College, 6.5. 6, (tie)Cole Wheeler, Weatherford College, and Wesley Thorp, Ranger College; Kyle Jurney, Mesalands Community College and Bobby Flores, Cochise College; and Brooke Howell, Gillette College and Tyus Olson, Eastern Wyoming College, 6.6 seconds each.

Barrel Racing — (first round winners) 1, Jessica Lewis, Blue Mountain Community College, 13.95 seconds. 2, Kristi Steffes, Black Hills State University, 14.10. 3, Kendall Gentry Murray State University, 14.21.4, Lexus Ketsch, Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, 14.23. 5, Katelyn Nicholson, East Mississippi Community College, 14.29. 6, Rylee Dick, Odessa College, 14.31. 7, Abby Searcy, University of Arkansas – Monticello, 14.32. 8, Danyelle Williams, Blue Mountain Community College, 14.34. (second round winners) 1, Taylor Engesser, Gillette College, 13.95. 2, Danyelle Williams, Blue Mountain Community College, 14.04. 3, Kailee Webb, University of Wyoming, 14.05. 4, Cierra Tredway, Montana State University, 14.08. 5, Cassidy Webster, Missouri Valley College, 14.09. 6, Jessica Dunbar, Texas Tech University – Lubbock, 14.10. 7, Rylee Dick Odessa College, 14.11. 8, Abby Knight, University of Great Falls, 14.13.

Goat Tying — (first round winners) 1, (tie) Shayna Miller, Northwestern Oklahoms State University; Jacoby Hotsenpiller, Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Mikayla Harrison, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 6.2 seconds each. 4, (tie) Makayla Boots, Cochise College; and Shebly Winchell, Chadron State College, 6.3. 6, K.L. Spratt, Sam Houston State University, 6.4. 7, (tie) Sadie Gjermundson, Dickinson State University; Janey Reeves, Cochise College; and Georgia Diez, Cochise College, 6.5. (second round winners) 1, Tawny Barry, Eastern New Mexico University, 6.2 seconds. 2, (tie) Teisha Coffield, Northeastern Junior College; Casey Reimler, Gillette College; Shelby Winchell, Chadron State College; and K.L. Spratt, Sam Houston State University, 6.3. 6, (tie) Jacoby Hotsesnpiller, Southwestern Oklahoma State University and Lauren Leyva, Blue Mountain Community College, 6.4. 8, (tie) Carlee Johnston, Black Hills State University; Shayna Miller, Nnorthwestern Oklahoma State University; Shayna miller, University of Wyoming; Kynzie McNeil, Texas Tech University – Lubbock; and Georgia Diez, Cochise College, 6.5.

Bull Riding — (first round winners) 1, Jacob Spencer, Western Texas College, 78.5 points. 2, Jake Smith, University of Wyoming, 77.5. 3, (tie) Tyler Lewis, Southern Arkansas University and Dakota Adams, Utah State University, 76. 5, Cole Melancon, Hill College, 75.5. 6, Brody Yeary, Tarleton State University, 73.5. 7, Jake Stemo, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 70. 8, (tie) Connor Murnion, Miles City Community College, and Josh Frost, Panhandle State University, 68. (second round winners – six qualified rides) 1, Aaron Williams, Cuesta College, 79.5 points. 2, Mickey Andrews, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 79. 3, Fulton Rutland, Panola College, 77.5. 4, Wyatt Rogers, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, 71. 5, Rhett Nielson, Colorado Northwest Community College, 70.5. 6, Gannon Ivy, Sam Houston State University, 66.

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