PENDLETON - The Hermiston Bulldogs knew they were going to have to be at their very best Saturday if they were going to achieve their goal of taking home at least one team title in the Intermountain Conference Championships.

When it was all said and done, the boys team was able to move up in the standings from day 1, but not far enough, as they finished 15 points behind Summit in second place. Summit also took the girls title, finishing 37.1 points ahead of the Dawgs.

Host Pendleton snared fourth place in both the girls and boys standings, with the girls coming just 1.9 points behind third-place Mountain View.

Even though the Dawgs didn't get any new hardware to add to the school trophy case, it's hard for them to feel disappointed after qualifying nine athletes in 13 individual events, both girls relay teams and the boys 4x400-meter relay team for the state meet May 17-19 at the University of Oregon.

"Yeah, this is going to hurt a little bit, but it's going to give us a good week (of practice)," Dawgs coach Dave Rohrman said. "We got our guns through, we're going to let them go, and see what happens."

The Dawgs also won titles in 11 events between the boys and girls teams.

The Buckaroos will send six athletes to state in 12 events, as well as their first-place boys 4x100 relay team. They came away from the meet with titles in five events.

"We started the season out with a lot of unknowns and I felt if we could be in the top half of the league, I'd be real satisfied with that," Bucks coach Mark Christensen said.

One set of siblings is headed for the state meet in Hermiston's Alex and Jordan Ringe. The two finished 1-2 in the 1,500-meter run Saturday. Alex also won the 800 and is the lead-off runner for the 4x400 team, while younger brother Jordan won the 3,000 Friday.

This is pretty much the biggest worry of the season," Alex Ringe said of the district meet. "This is where it all falls into place, everything you went through the whole season. So, it's nerve-racking, but I'm glad it's over and we did a good job.

He added that having his brother at state will make the experience much more special.

"It's going to be fun to share with him because he didn't get to experience it last year and I didn't go to state as a freshman, either, so I know how it is. It's going to be a good feeling."

Hermiston's other athletes ranked first in the state, seniors Kersee Lind and Jennifer Macias, didn't disappoint, each winning their top events. Lind took first in the 110-meter high hurdles and 300 intermediate hurdles, as well as anchoring the 4x400 team, while Macias topped the boards in the 3,000 and 1,500.

Junior Buck Derek Barfuss reached his goal of state berths in the hurdles, finishing second to Lind in both events.

"I just want to make it through the preliminaries and get at least into the finals," Barfuss said of his state meet hopes.

Pendleton's Haylie Wynn followed up her second-place performance in the shot put Friday with a title throw in the discus Saturday, while fellow sophomore Kate Bostwick took home the gold in the 100-meter low hurdles and 300 intermediate hurdles. She also placed fifth in the high jump.

"The 300 started out not so good," Bostwick said of her early season. "I definitely wasn't expecting a championship out of it."

Two talented senior runners from the area each fell short in their individual events, but will head to state as part of relay teams.

Senior Melissa McKinley and junior Sarah VonArx were the Dawgs' other title winners, taking gold in the 800 and the high jump, respectively.

Pendleton senior Brandon Caswell got a chance to compete against another wheelchair racer, beating Bend sophomore Zach Cloud in the 100-meter dash.



Team standings

BOYS - 1, Summit, 141; 2, Hermiston, 126; 3, Bend, 93; 4, Pendleton, 84; 5, The Dalles-Wahtonk, 68.5; 6, Crook County, 67.5; 7, Mountain View, 52; 8, Madras, 29.

GIRLS - 1, Summit, 173.1; 2, Hermiston, 136; 3, Mountain View, 83.5; 4, Pendleton81.6; 5, The Dalles-Wahtonka, 65.5; 6, Crook County, 49.7; 7, Bend, 40; 8, Madras, 30.6.

Individual standings


Shot put - 1, Robert Atoe, TDW, 53-1; 2, Drek Peters, BEND, 48-6; 3, Aleluia Fanene, TDW.

Javelin - 1, Justin Mackenzie, MTVW, 182-7; 2, Shane Cunningham, BEND, 167-5; 3, Petr Pipek, HERM, 167-1.

Triple jump - 1, Jason Yecny, TDW, 44-4.75; 2, Michael Duckett, PEND, 42-3; 3, Tyler Brown, HERM, 41-11.5.

4x400 relay - 1, Hermiston, 3.28.76; 2, Summit, 3:32.44; 3, Bend, 3:32. 44.

100 dash - 1, David Parks, CROC, 11.32; 2, Kris Webber, PEND, 11.52; 3, Kevin Gilbride, SUMM, 11.66.

1,500 run - 1, Alex Ringe, HERM, 4:10.62; 2, Jordan Ringe, HERM, 4:13.91; 3, Andrew Flu, MADR, 4:17.55.

4x100 relay - 1, Pendleton, 43.3; 2, Summit, 43.31; 3, Bend, 43.96.

300 hurdles - 1, Kersee Lind, HERM, 39.11; 2, Derek Barfuss, PEND, 40.81; 3, Robin Miller, SUMM, 40.86.

200 dash - 1, David Parks, CROC, 22.67; 2, Cody Buckendorf, SUMM, 23.07; 3, Maurice Peterson, PEND, 23.12.

800 run - 1, Alex Ringe, HERM, 1:55.78; 2, Shawn Boyd, BEND, 1:56.73; 3, Samuel Wick, HERM, 2:03.42.

110 hurdles - 1, Kersee Lind, HERM, 15.13; 2, Derek Barfuss, PEND, 15.63; 3, Mark Flegel, CROC, 16.10.

400 dash - 1, Jason Yecny, TDW, 51.04; 2, Robin Miller, SUMM, 51.24; 3, Corey Cahalene, SUMM, 52.49.

800 wheelchair - 1, Brandon Caswell, PEND, 1:47.67.

100 wheelchair - 1, Brandon Caswell, PEND, 16.14.


Triple jump - 1, Alison Flaherty, SUMM, 36-4.5; 2, Sarah VonArx, HERM, 35-7.25; 3, Brooke Bailey, SUMM, 34-8.75.

4x400 relay - 1, Summit, 4:03.8; 2, Hermiston, 4:06.55; 3, Mountain View, 4:12.99.

100 dash - 1, Kellie Schueler, SUMM, 12.36; 2, Andrea Bailey, TDW, 12.67; 3, Alma Aguiar, HERM, 12.76.

1,500 run - 1, Jennifer Macias, HERM, 4:58.87; 2, Michelly Foley, CROC, 5:06.10; 3, Kelly Hanson, MTVW, 5:07.28.

4x100 relay - 1, Summit, 48.46; 2, Hermiston, 50.48; 3, The Dalles-Wahtonka, 50.72.

300 hurdles - 1, Kate Bostwick, PEND, 46.63; 2, Kasia Rademacher, HERM, 47.31; 3, Rachelle Wilson, SUMM, 47.83.

200 dash - 1, Kellie Schueler, SUMM, 25.34; 2, Kourtney Parks, SUMM, 25.69; 3, Andrea Bailey, TDW, 26.18.

800 run - 1, Melissa McKinley, HERM, 2:21.43; 2, Hillie Teller, SUMM, 2:22.88; 3, Christine Harwood, PEND, 2:23.97.

100 hurdles - 1, Kate Bostwick, PEND, 15.64; 2, Elizabeth Alaimo, 15.91; 3, Laneisha Tilton, TDW, 16.04.

400 dash - 1, Kellie Schueler, SUMM, 57.43; 2, Kourtney Parks, SUMM, 58.03; 3, Amanda Baker, MTVW, 1:00.44.

Discus - 1, Haylie Wynn, PEND, 108-2; 2, Elizabeth Viles, CROC, 103-2; 3, Shaina Pasi, TDW, 102-2.

Pole vault - 1,Holly davis, MTVW, 10; 2, Taylor Audia, SUMM, 9; 3, Carleigh Spencer, BEND, 9.

High jump - 1, Sarah VonArx, HERM, 5-2; 2, Briana Stacona, MADR, 5-2; 3, Emily Villano, SUMM, 5.


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