SALEM?- The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recreation report is a great place to look for ideas on where to head for good fishing or hunting over the weekend.

According to the release, anglers looking to make the most out of their weekend would be wise to head for the John Day pool on the Columbia River, which is known for great late-summer walleye fishing.

The area also has a reputation for producing some world-class smallmouth bass, which will be getting geared up for a fall feeding binge as juvenile shad continue their outmigration.

Cooler waters means hotter action when it comes to smallmouths.

If you are looking for some trout, one of the area's lakes may be your best bet as most of them are stocked and the ferocity of the fish will just depend largely on water temperatures.

However, reports are that the rainbow have been shying away from angler's hooks so even a stocked pond or lake is not a sure bet.

Instead, McKay Reservoir has been pumping out crappie and yellow perch in the late evenings and largemouth bass fishing has been categorized as fair to good.

The upper Umatilla has been steady for trout, but anglers are likely champing at the bit waiting for the Sept. 1 opening of steelhead and coho angling on the river. To experience early season success it is recommended anglers concentrate their efforts on the lower river near the Highway 395 crossing.

For the hunters, bear and cougar seasons have been going since Aug. 1 but for the less patient hunters Union County has the perfect solution.

Coyote numbers are strong throughout the region and using predator calls, then moving call sights after 20 minutes has been used to effectively harvest coyotes.

Black bears also have been in abundance in Union County and often can be found concentrated along creeks and rivers in the late summer.

Areas with lots of fruit trees and berries, and canyon bottoms are good places to look for signs of bears.

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