Oregon State Police conducting deer poaching stings during the weekend cited three Milton-Freewater men and seized two rifles.

State police reported troopers set up a decoy deer Saturday off the U.S. Forest Service Road 64 in the Walla Walla hunting unit.

Guadalupe Flores Gutierrez, 40, came by at about 5 p.m. while driving a Ford F150 pickup towing a camp trailer, spotted the deer and stopped in the road. He grabbed a rifle and aimed for the target out the passenger window, state police reported, and the passenger leaned forward and plugged his ears. Gutierrez leaned over the passenger and fired three rounds.

That led police to cite Gutierrez for hunting wildlife from a vehicle, and taking the rifle.

The next two citations came at about 6:45 p.m., when a Chevrolet Silverado stopped in the road, and the passenger shot at the fake deer from inside the vehicle. State police reported the driver hit the gas after realizing it was a decoy but troopers stopped the pickup a short distance down the road.

Michael E. Watts, 68, was the passenger and had a buck tag for the adjacent Wenaha unit, according to state police, and he and the driver, Michael Anthony Watts, admitted they knew they were in the Walla Walla unit.

State police cited the elder Watts for hunting outside the tag’s boundaries and hunting from a vehicle and gave the younger Watts a citation for aiding in a wildlife offense. Again, police seized the gun.

The offenses in both cases are misdemeanors.

State police also reported troopers ran a deer decoy sting Friday in the Ukiah unit. As many as 11 hunters saw that decoy while driving, and multiple hunters got out to shoot but held off. One, however, pulled the trigger from inside a vehicle. Oregon State Police did not identify the shooter but reported troopers cited him for hunting from a vehicle and hunting across a highway.

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