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National Football League

Sunday ? Washington at Seattle, 1:15 p.m. (FOX)

National Basketball Association

Friday ? Portland at Sacramento, 7 p.m.

Saturday ? Portland at Phoenix, 6 p.m. (KGW)

Western Hockey League

Friday ? Tri-City at Chilliwack, 7 p.m.

Saturday ? Tri-City at Everett, 7:05 p.m.



Saturday ? Washington at Washington State, noon; Oregon State at Arizona, 4 p.m.

Men?s Basketball

Friday ? Blue Mountain at North Idaho College, 4 p.m.; Eastern Oregon vs. Westminster (College of Idaho Golden Rule Shootout), 6 p.m.; Sacramento State at Washington State, 6 p.m.; Oregon at UC Irvine, 7:05 p.m.

Saturday ? Blue Mountain at North Idaho College, TBA; Eastern Oregon vs. Willamette (College of Idaho Golden Rule Shootout), 6 p.m.; Oregon State at Nevada, 7 p.m.

Women?s Basketball

Today ? Washington State at Boise State, 6 p.m.

Friday ? Oregon at BYU, 2:30 p.m.; Montana State at Gonzaga, 6 p.m.; Eastern Oregon vs. Pacific (Aramark Holiday Classic in La Grande), 7 p.m.; Washington at Washington State, 8 p.m.

Saturday ? Pacific vs. Montana-Western (Aramark Holiday Classic) , 7 p.m.

Sunday ? Oregon at South Dakota State, noon; Gonzaga at Wyoming, 1 p.m.; Eastern Oregon vs. Montana-Western (Aramark Holiday Classic), 3 p.m.


Today-Saturday ? NWAACC Tournament (Mt. Hood in Gresham), TBA.

Women?s soccer

Saturday ? James Madison at Portland (NCAA third round), 7 p.m..



Friday ? Hermiston at Glencoe (state quarterfinals), 7 p.m.

Youth wrestling

Pendleton Wrestling Club

Placers from Boardman meet Nov. 15

Pee Wee division 5-6 year old:

55 lb ? Tyson Burns, 2nd

Bantam 7-8:

44 ? Caleb Tremper, 2nd

49 ? Matthew Robertson, 3rd

70 ? Robert Calhoun, 3rd

Midget 9-10:

53 ? Alex Rendon, 1st

Brayden Tremper, 2nd

68 ? Shawn Yeager, 2nd

84 ? Emmett Banks, 3rd

Novice 11-12:

82 ? Dakota McCambridge, 2nd

112 ? Ryan Skeen, 1st

Cadet 15-16:

Emmitt Skeen, 2nd

Prep football

Blue Mountain Conference

All-League Selections 2008


Defensive Backs

First Team

Tanner Mitchell, Pilot Rock, senior

Wil Burgess, Elgin, senior

Bryan Holland, Heppner, junior

Jordan Hatfield, Heppner, junior

Second Team

Efrain Nieves, Elgin, junior

Calvin Stout, Union, senior

Dusty McAuliffe , Enterprise, senior

Lane Byrnes, Pilot Rock, junior

Honorable Mention

Kyle Langford, Union, senior

Trey Blevins, Stanfield, sophomore

Ryan Roulston, Weston-McEwen, senior


First Team

Dylan Cutler, Pilot Rock, junior

Chance Bandy, Pilot Rock, senior

Wacy Coil, Heppner, junior

Keenan Jack, Heppner, junior

Second Team

Travis Copeland , Pilot Rock, junior

Kyle Dechenne, Elgin, junior

Drew Greenwalt, Weston-McEwen , sophomore

Jacob Girtz, Enterprise, junior

Honorable Mention

Austin Burgess, Elgin, senior

Quinn Grogan, Stanfield, sophomore

Jesus Munoz, Irrigon, sophomore

Hector Esquivel, Stanfield, senior

Defensive Lineman

First Team

Sam Fiorito, Union, senior

Sam King, Heppner, senior

Mark McCabe, Heppner, junior

Kris Snodgrass, Pilot Rock, senior

Second Team

Jeremy Moore, Union, senior

Drew Williams, Elgin, senior

Shane Bond, Weston-McEwen, senior

James Butterfield, Enterprise, junior

Matt Benson, Pilot Rock, junior

Honorable Mention

Kenny Kashuba, Stanfield, junior

Ryan Webb, Weston-McEwen, senior

Miles Naughton, Elgin, senior

Alex Pickles, Heppner, sophomore

Derek Pruitt, Elgin, sophomore

Giles Ellet, Irrigon, junior



First Team

Jeremiah Grosjacques , Pilot Rock, senior

Dylan Cutler, Pilot Rock, junior

Brian Duke, Weston-McEwen, senior

Second Team

Kyle Miller, Elgin, junior

Hector Esquivel, Stanfield, senior

Ryan Webb, Weston-McEwen, senior

Honorable Mention

Dallas Reich, Weston-McEwen, freshman

Kris Snodgrass, Pilot Rock, senior

Drew Johnson, Heppner, junior

Austin Woodward, Union, sophomore


First Team

Chance Bandy, Pilot Rock, senior

Second Team

John Huntsman, Weston-McEwen, senior

Honorable Mention

Dakota Hull, Enterprise, senior

Offensive Line

First Team

Kyle Dechenne, Elgin, junior

Miles Naughton, Elgin, senior

Wacy Coil, Heppner, junior

Ian Murray, Heppner, sophomore

Mark McCabe, Heppner, junior

Second Team

Sam Fiorito, Union, senior

Omar Ibarra, Stanfield, junior

Kash Leon, Weston-McEwen, senior

Shane Lazinka, Pilot Rock, junior

James Butterfield, Enterprise, junior

Honorable Mention

Jordan Hayden, Stanfield, sophomore

Matt Benson, Pilot Rock, junior

Running Backs

First Team

Clint Predmore, Elgin, senior

Travis Copeland, Pilot Rock, junior

Brent Eckman, Heppner, junior

Second Team

Brian Holland, Heppner, junior

Spencer Palmer, Heppner, senior

Kenny Kashuba, Stanfield, senior

Honorable Mention

Gage Nebe, Enterprise, senior

Jacob Girtz, Enterprise, junior

Josh Grabeel, Stanfield, senior


First Team

Tanner Mitchell, Pilot Rock, senior

Second Team

Seth Denton, Weston-McEwen, senior

Honorable Mention

Kyle Miller, Elgin, junior

Place Kicker

First Team

Tanner Mitchell, Pilot Rock, senior

Second Team

Kyle Miller, Elgin, junior

Honorable Mention

Mark Brammer, Stanfield, senior?

Parry's Power Guide

to Oregon High School Football

State Playoffs

by Noland Parry

(Home team in caps)

Favorite Difference Underdog

6A Quarterfinals

JESUIT 15.5 Canby

LAKE OSWEGO 4.8 Sheldon

Southridge 5.2 S. MEDFORD

TUALATIN 4.6 Beaverton

5A Quarterfinals

Hermiston 10.3 GLENCOE

MOUNTAIN VIEW 11.6 Jefferson, PDX

THURSTON 8.1 Sherwood

West Albany 16.4 CENTURY

4A Quarterfinals

ASTORIA 9.8 North Bend

CENTRAL 18.5 Gladstone

Marist 5.7 BANKS

NORTH VALLEY 1.3 Estacada

3A Semifinals

Gold Beach 15.8 Regis

Grant Union 20.0 Cascade Christian

2A Semifinals

Lakeview 7.3 Culver

Scio 4.4 Knappa

1A Semifinals

Imbler 19.0 Dufur

Joseph 1.8 Perrydale

Last week?s record: 27-9 75.0%

Post season record to date: 63-17 78.7%

Final regular season record: 819-307 72.7%

Pro basketball

National Basketball Association

Wednesday?s Games

Atlanta 91, Washington 87

Toronto 101, Miami 95

Detroit 96, Cleveland 89

Dallas 96, Houston 86

L.A. Clippers 108, Oklahoma City 88

Sacramento 105, New Orleans 96

Minnesota 102, Philadelphia 96

Denver 91, San Antonio 81

Utah 105, Milwaukee 94

Portland 116, Chicago 74

Today?s Games

Detroit at Boston, 5 p.m.

L.A. Lakers at Phoenix, 7:30 p.m.

Pro football

National Football League

Thursday?s Game

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, 5:15 p.m.

Sunday?s Games

N.Y. Jets at Tennessee, 10 a.m.

Tampa Bay at Detroit, 10 a.m.

Chicago at St. Louis, 10 a.m.

New England at Miami, 10 a.m.

San Francisco at Dallas, 10 a.m.

Buffalo at Kansas City, 10 a.m.

Houston at Cleveland, 10 a.m.

Philadelphia at Baltimore, 10 a.m.

Minnesota at Jacksonville, 10 a.m.

Oakland at Denver, 1:05 p.m.

Carolina at Atlanta, 1:15 p.m.

Washington at Seattle, 1:15 p.m.

N.Y. Giants at Arizona, 1:15 p.m.

Indianapolis at San Diego, 5:15 p.m.

Monday?s Game

Green Bay at New Orleans, 5:30 p.m.

Thursday, Nov. 27

Tennessee at Detroit, 9:30 a.m.

Seattle at Dallas, 1:15 p.m.

Arizona at Philadelphia, 5:15 p.m.


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