RENTON, Wash. - Given the opportunity, most NFL head coaches would prefer to practice outside in the elements.

Seahawks' head coach Jim Mora is no different.

But after a rainfall left the outdoor practice fields slick and wet - and several players left Monday evening's practice with muscle pulls and groin strains - the coach acquiesced and moved Tuesday's practice indoors.

"At this point in camp when their legs are a little bit heavy and it's wet out, I think you are asking for trouble if you put them on a field that is not stable," Mora said.

The team used the opportunity to pipe crowd noise into the indoor facility during team drills, and to use the radio communications systems between the coaches and the quarterback.

Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace have never had offensive coordinator Greg Knapp in their ear, Mora said.

"They've had coach (Mike) Holmgren for most of their careers - Seneca for his entire career," Mora said. "It's just different, and I think they just need to get used to it before Saturday night when 'Whoa, who's that?' We just did a little of that today, and it worked out well."

LT'S GONNA PLAY?: San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson has said he wants to play this preseason for the first time since the 2005 season.

Mora wants Chargers coach Norv Turner to keeping holding him out.

"I'm hoping Norv sits him," Mora joked.

Mora said that even if Tomlinson does sit out, they still have to deal with Darren Sproles. He said the team isn't planning for the game too much and that they're more worried about what the Chargers throw at them and how they execute.

"Let's just see where we're at in our fundamentals and our execution of our scheme as opposed to who our opponent is," Mora said. "The first game you want to go in and tackle well, play with great effort, minimize mistakes, be organized, those types of things."

QUICK HITS: Mora said he hasn't yet decided how much they'll play recently signed LB Aaron Curry in the team's preseason opener Saturday in San Diego. He said that decision will be made Thursday morning based on who else is available and how they feel Curry is progressing.


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