SEATTLE - Everyone expected some sort of acknowledgment of Mike Holmgren's last home game as Seattle's head coach to come from his players.

This honor, however, caught Holmgren by surprise.

At the conclusion of practice Friday, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck presented Holmgren with the Steve Largent Award, an honor that's been reserved specifically for Seahawks' players in the 20 years it's been awarded.

"It was very special. Steve Largent, I've admired forever and ever and ever, and it really is a player's award. It really is. But these guys never cease to amaze me sometimes," Holmgren said. "Just when I think I got them figured out, they do something real nice for me."

Most players said the idea simply popped up and was checked out with the team administration, which agreed.

"I think most of the players were excited to do it. He's earned our respect. It's obvious," Hasselbeck said. "I think I remember someone asking if it was allowed because it's for players and I think the response we got was 'we just count the votes.' So we decided to do it that way. The goal was to surprise him."

The award was first given to Largent in 1989 and is presented to the player who "best exemplifies the spirit, dedication and integrity of the Seahawks." Bobby Engram was the recipient last year, while former fullback Mack Strong was honored five times from 2001-06, with Trent Dilfer breaking up Strong's run.

The presentation was just one of many emotional moments this week for Holmgren, who reiterated that he thinks he'll be able to keep his composure through Sunday's game against the New York Jets.

"When the game starts, I get in a little bit of a zone. I think I'll be able to do that," Holmgren said. "I think I'll be able to get in my coaching mode, and then after that, we'll see how it goes."


INCOMING WEATHER: Holmgren might have some fans missing from his home finale.

The National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for Western Washington for Saturday night into Sunday.


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