Stampede hosting tryouts for aspiring pro players

PORTLAND — The Idaho Stampede will hold exclusive player tryouts in two locations in September.

Under direction from the Portland Trail Blazers, the team’s NBA affiliate, Stampede coaching and scouting staff will host the tryouts in Portland on Sept. 22 at the Trail Blazers practice facility and in Boise on Sept. 29 at the Ada County Boys and Girls Club. Both tryouts will start with registration at 7 a.m. and end no later than 6 p.m.

These exclusive tryouts will offer players the opportunity to show their abilities in front of Trail Blazers personnel with the chance of an invite to Stampede training camp.

Space will be limited for each tryout, and potential participants must turn in registration forms at least two days prior to each tryout date. Registration forms can be found at and Cost is $150.

Any questions regarding the camp should be directed to Sean Kiely at 503-797-9647.

ODFW asks anglers to take precautions when releasing fish

SALEM — With summer temperatures heating up throughout the state, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking anglers to take special care when catching and releasing fish — especially cold water species like trout, steelhead and salmon.

Warm water does not hold as much oxygen as cooler water. This means fish are getting less oxygen while they are being caught, and take longer to recover once they are released.

Early morning fishing, quick landing and releasing, and fishing in deeper lakes or reservoirs are ways to minimize stress to cold water species.

Anglers also can turn their attention to warm water species, such as bass, bluegill and crappie, that are available in many lakes and reservoirs statewide. However, even warm water fish can feel the effects of the heat and anglers should try to land and release them as quickly as possible.

— East Oregonian


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