UMATILLA - The Umatilla tennis teams showed strong against Riverside Friday, winning the boys' and girls' contests 2-1 and 8-3, respectively.

Gustavo Manriquez bested Carlos Garcia 8-3 while Travis Hendon topped Tim Thomason 8-4 for Umatilla in boys' singles action. Riverside's Thomason and Garcia combined in doubles action to beat Nick Dawson and Jacob Vandever 8-2.

The Vikings' Ashley Borden took the girls' No. 1 match over Amy Anfinson 8-4, while Riverside's Lucy Doherty got their only singles win over Irene Routson 8-1 in the No. 2 match.

Umatilla's Megan Hendon and Kaitlyn Kennedy defeated Evelyn Garcia and Blanca Martinez 8-6 in No. 1 doubles action.




Singles - Gustavo Manriquez (Umatilla) def. Carlos Garcia 8-3; Tavis Hendon (Umatilla) def. Tim Thomason 8-4. Doubles - Carlos Garcia and Tim Thomason (Riverside) def. Nick Dawson and Jacob Vandever 8-2.


Singles - Ashley Borden (Umatilla) def. Amy Anfinson 8-4; Lucy Doherty (Riverside) def. Irene Routson 8-1; Kasandra Hurford (Umatilla) def. Melanie Mejia 8-1; Jessica Bruce (Umatilla) def. Stephanie Fuentes 8-5; Brianna Watson (Umatilla) def. Briada Gutierrez 8-0. Doubles - Megan Hendon and Kaitlyn Kennedy (Umatilla) def. Evelyn Garcia and Blanca Martinez 8-6; Patricia Cox and Bianka Munoz (Riverside) def. Kattrina Korpela and Kara DeBoise 9-7; Kellie Hodges and Shelby Hillebrand (Umatilla) def. Justine Parker and Berence Chavez 8-1; Annie Hodge and Brianna Watson (Umatilla) def. Patricia Cox and Tonya Thomason 8-3; Megan Martinez and Adrianna Flores (Riverside) def. Dallas Biegel and Chelsea Clayton 8-5; Dallas Biegel and Chelsea Clayton (Umatilla) def. Daniela Harrison and Navia Ramirez 8-1.


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