As sure as the approach of winter has brought Eastern Oregon an early white Christmas (apparently mother nature is not a last minute shopper), the frigid air of December has brought much of the same old, same old in the sports world.

In the world of football, Dallas' Terrell Owens has once again decided to spurn his model citizen act for one a little more contentious, while the computers that run college football appear to have (as usual) short circuited.

Owens recently called out teammates Tony Romo and Jason Whitten as co-conspirators against him, saying the dynamic duo had gone positively sinister in a plot to keep the ball out of his hands.

Well it's either that or the litany of drops, as T.O. leads the Cowboys in the thrown-to statistic, but failed to haul in almost 50 percent of those passes.

The BCS shenanigans are in a similar vein as the computers once again proved why champions should be chosen on the gridiron.

In short - Texas out, Texas Tech out, Boise State out and inexplicably, Ohio State in. Also of mention, due to a flaw known as the automatic berth, No. 12 Cincinnati and No. 21 Virginia Tech received a free pass to play in the Orange Bowl.

At least the BCS doesn't pick the winner of everything. Saturday, Heisman voters got one right in adding Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford to the pantheon of college standouts.

In not falling for the PR blitz by team (Tim) Tebow, the voters once again proved they know what they are doing. Bradford's season was one for the ages and here's one Northwest sports journalist salivating at the thought of seeing him in Seahawk blue and green next spring.

The Silent Nights of early-season basketball also have a "Christmas Story" styled familiarity to them.

At this point why even proceed with the final three months of the NBA regular season and ensuing year and a half of playoff games? At 22-2 and 20-3, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have already made it clear that an NBA title rematch is already a mortal lock.

No one is playing at the caliber of the reigning conference champions - except maybe LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers (at least until a recent loss to the Atlanta Hawks).

College basketball also appears content with keeping the tradition of a yawn-inspiring preseason slate obviously saving the good presents for March Madness.

Out of all the heavyweights, the Gonzaga Bulldogs seem to be the only team willing to slug it out with big game after big game, while the North Carolina's of the country are busy beating up on cupcakes.

Baseball's winter meetings have not escaped the repetitive cycle either. In MLB's version of Santa Clause is Coming to Town, the title has been forever changed to The Big Name Free Agents are Headed to New York.

The deep pockets of the Yankees proved once again to be a bottomless void, with marquee pitchers C.C. Sabbathia and A.J. Burnett signing lucrative deals.

But much like scarfing down pounds of sweets won't make the holiday season any more merry, gorging a roster with overpaid prima donnas won't win you a World Series.

On a somewhat different note, O.J. Simpson apparently forgot the warnings of the ghost of Christmas future. In a rather un-Scrooge like manner, Simpson did not spurn the ways of his past and will now be singing Christmas Carols in lock-up.

Much like the ageless traditions of Christmas and the holidays, I wouldn't have my sports any other way. To that end I wish you all a Merry Christmas and to all a happy New Year's bowl season.


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